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Weekly Update: Balance Athletica Dupes (from Amazon, Aliexpress and More)

June 19th - June 26th

Hi my lovelies!

For this week, we'll be tackling dupes for one of the newer, and extremely popular brands - Balance Athletica!! Balance Athletica is notoriously difficult to find dupes for, but have some of the most cherished styles around! Their Kingdom Collection regularly sells for well above original selling price on sites like Poshmark and Mercari, as well as the tie dye collection.

Since Balance just had their launch last weekend, I thought it fitting to tackle dupes for this brand! Be forewarned though, none of these are "perfect" dupes, Balance does a great job at keeping their items unique and out of the hands of dupe makers, but I've given my best shot! Normally, I only hunt for dupes on Amazon or AliExpress, but given the elusive nature of this brand, I've spread my reach out to dupes from Target, Free People, and more, to give you guys the best I can find!

1) Kingdom Collection - Leopard Ascend Leggings (Originally $75)

The Kingdom Collection Leopard print leggings are some of the most hard to find patterns out there! They were the second release from Balance Athletica, back in early 2019. In fact, this line was so popular that they ended up doing a second pre-sale release, but unfortunately they are now gone for good. However, at Caly's Fit Finds, we still charge forth and try to find dupes for the hardest to find brands, so here you go!

What Kamo Fitness does extremely well, other than just making the same leopard style print, is the deep V seam that is a trademark of Balance Athletica. The V seam by Balance creates a very flattering glute contouring effect, which Kamo Fitness has duplicated. The downside to these dupes is that the pattern is not exact, and they are often out of stock in several sizes. Additionally, the gray leopards seem to no longer be made. However, Kamo Fitness has recently released their leggings with an improved fabric blend (greater stretchiness, which other customers had complained about before), as well as in new colors. However, for the Kingdom Collection, their Praline Leopard color is your best bet!

These AliExpress dupes have a similar V contouring as the Balance Athletica leggings, however, the leopard pattern is quite different from that of Balance Athletica's and the waistband is not as cinched or as high as Balance.

These are some of the only dupes that I've managed to find that are similar to the Snow Leopard print of the Kingdom collection. Iwuparty sells these as a set of both the bra and leggings, which are a clear attempt to imitate the Balance athletica kingdom collection OG bras, albeit with a clear bra band. the leggings do not have as deep of a V as the two previous dupes, and the gusset crotch is a V shape, rather than an extended gusset crotch.

2) Aura/Oasis Collection - Tie Dye OG Leggings (Originally $70)

The original Aura collection brought with it, Balance Athletica's first Tie dye collection launched September 2019! Three colorways were released" black, pink and a blue tie dye in Balance Athletica's classic OG legging style. Unfortunately, this line is also sold out, but we have some dupes if you'd like this gorgeous tie dye effect!

These Yunoga leggings are highly rated by the Amazon community, and have a similar tie dye pattern as the Balance Athletica aura collection, albeit with a more sparse tie dye effect than the Balance leggings. These leggings have many of the same features as the OG leggings, an extended gusset crotch, high waisted, and some booty contour, albeit not as deep.

These leggings from Selfridges have an extremely similar pattern as the blue tie dye OG leggings from the Balance Collection. However, most notably, they are not the same type of material, consisting more of a jersey/lounging fabric, 76% nylon, 24% elastane, and none of the booty contouring or compression you would get from the Balance Athletica leggings. tldr, it is a pattern dupe, but not a style dupe.

From Lululemon: Diamond Dye Line

Lululemon has jumped on the tie dye trend, with its own line of tie dye patterns, which they title as "diamond dye." There are several different pieces you can snag, although some go out of stock much quicker than others. So far, we've seen the diamond dye pattern in Align's, Align Shorts, Wunder Under Train, and Invigorate High Rise tights. The price point of lululemon is generally higher than that of Balance Athletica's but you can't deny how gorgeous their patterns are! The diamond dye patterns currently available in the US are: Diamond Dye Shade Naval Blue, Diamond Dye Iced Iris Peri Purple, Diamond Dye Pink Bliss Graphite Purple, Diamond Dye Pitch Grey Graphite Grey.

Their leggings range from $98 to $138, but if you are quick, you can also snag a pair of align shorts in one of these gorgeous tie dye patterns!

3) Aura 2.0 Collection - Essence Cropped Crew Tie Dye (Originally $65)

After the success of their initial Aura collection launch, Balance launched a 2.0 collection during January 2020, consisting of the same color palette as the original Aura collection, but a few new styles. Notably, they released these pullovers to match the original tie dye leggings. These were also a big hit, and are now sold out on their website.

The tie dye pattern on this crew neck is extremely similar to that of the essence tie dye cropped crewnecks. However, this pullover is not cropped, but you can totally crop it on your own! Additionally, the color matches extremely closely to Tie dye Sea salt pattern that Balance just dropped!

4) Harmony Collection - Harmony Tank (Originally $38)

The Harmony Collection was released early September 2019, less than a month before the Aura 2.0 Collection. Despite the close release dates, the Harmony collection did extremely well, with their Unity Bras, Harmony Tanks, and Breeze Shorts selling out extremely quickly! The Breeze shorts made a comeback with the latest Oasis launch, but were a crowd favorite for a long time!

From Lululemon: Fast As Light Tank ($58)

The Lululemon Fast as Light tank is basically identical to the Harmony tank. However, the Fast as Light tank has since been discontinued by Lululemon, but you can find it on many resale sites like Poshmark or Facebook buy sell groups for much cheaper than you would find the Harmony Tank, as there is simply more supply out there!

This tank is a dead ringer for both the harmony and the lululemon fast as light tank, but at such a steal! It only comes in three colors, but they are well-rounded colors - black, white and apricot, and if you are feeling adventurous, you can tie dye the white version to the same gorgeous tie dye colors that balance athletica recently came out with!

5) Aura/Kingdom Collections - Elevate Cropped Zip ($65)

The Aura/Kingdom Collection released with the Elevate Cropped Zip, in several different colors: Amazon (Green), Kodiak (Brown), Dire Wolf (Black), Poise (Black), Clarity (Blue), and Intuition (Pink). Good news, some of these are still available! However, several colors are sold out, and there is a hefty price tag for these jackets, so here are some alternatives!

This cropped jacket features similar contouring as the original Elevate cropped zip, as well as thumbholes and a half collar. The one thing that I would say is definitely different and could be a make or break would be the zipper. Balance Athletica's zipper looks clearly higher quality than the zipper on this crop.

This is a similar cropped zip, but it comes in much fewer colors, and without the thumbhole. Additionally, there is a band at the bottom of the cropped jacket to cinch in the waist, which is a deviation from the Balance Athletica design.

I know many people were disappointed by how the Oasis launch went, with many items selling out so quickly, and despite the unlimited presale, it will be a long while (myself included!) before any of get our unlimited pre-order items, so I hope these dupes will be able to raise your spirits some!

If you are interested in the full master list of all the dupes I’ve found for different brands (Lululemon, Gymshark, Balance Athletica, and so much more!) Make sure to check out these posts:

If you want to stay updated with all the latest dupes, make sure to subscribe to this blog by registering your email or shooting me a form in the contact area! I'm always eager to find dupes + discover new brands, so don't ever hesitate to suggest a brand that you want me to find dupes for!

Happy Hunting! Happy Shopping! Happy Saving!

Caly Out!


Note: This post may contain affiliate links and give a small commission at no additional cost to you, used to support the running of this site!

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