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Alphalete Black Friday Launch Guide!

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Hello my lovelies!

I've been putting off this post for a little bit, even though some athletes have been dropping hints for a while, just because I wasn't sure if there was enough to go on, but I think at this point we can begin with the black friday launch guide!

Launch Date:

Black Friday

November 26th, 10 PM PST

November 27th, 12 AM CST (Midnight)

November 27th 1:00 AM EST

More details to come, but for now, here is my guesses as to what will be launching!! This will be reorganized in a more...organized form once we know more of what is dropping!

For more information on Black Friday sales, check out this master list of black friday sales (many have already begun!!)


@oliviarosefit - OLIVIAROSE

@gabbyschey - GABBY

@hopescope - HOPESCOPE

@_ashmadison - ASHMADISON

@emilyhayden - EMILYHADEN

@mukdac - MUKDA

@allybesse - ALLY

@wiktoriaryczko - WIKTORIA

@emilyhayden - EMILYHAYDEN

@__jazzyfit - JAZZY

@brooklynhillfit - BROOKLYN

@petittefox - BARTOLI

Youtube Review

Amplify Seamless Collection

Colors - Not pictured, Aspen

Color Comparisons

Comparisons by @amyvictoria - (AMY)

Amplify Bra - Bordeaux, Oceania, Canteen, Jet Black, Rapids Blue, Nomadic Blue, Silver Grey, Viola, Golden Hour, Titanium

Amplify Bra in Bordeaux, Viola and Canteen

Amplify Crop Top - Jet Black, Viola, Canteen, Titanium, Fireside, Nomadic Blue

Amplify Crop/Bra/Leggings and Short in Nomadic Blue (HOPESCOPE), Viola (CAROLA) - yes Viola is different in the crop top

Amplify Legging - Bordeaux, Oceania, Canteen, Jet Black, Rapids Blue, Nomadic Blue, Silver Sky, Viola, Golden Hour, Titanium, Fireside, Dark Water, Aspen

Amplify Seamless Legging in Bordeaux, Rapids Blue, and Titanium (AMY)

Amplify Seamless Leggings in Canteen, Nomadic Blue, Bordeaux (RANDI)

Amplify Seamless Leggings in Silver Sky, Dark Water (RANDI)

Amplify Seamless Long Sleeve + Leggings in Dark Water (ASHLEY)

Amplify Biker Short - Bordeaux, Titanium, Canteen, Jet Black, Golden Hour, Dark Water, Aspen, Viola Amplify Biker Short

15" short (total, not the inseam)

Amplify Biker Shorts in Bordeaux (RANDI), Viola

Amplify Short - Jet Black, Oceania, Silver Sky, Fireside, Rapids Blue, Nomadic Blue, Titanium

12" short, 5" inseam

Amplify short in Nomadic Blue (HOPESCOPE) and Fireside

Amplify short in Jet Black (CAROLA)

Amplify Jacket - Bordeaux, Oceania, Canteen, Jet Black, Rapids Blue

Amplify Jacket in Oceania (MUKDA) and Bordeaux (EMILYHAYDEN)

Amplify Long Sleeve - Bordeaux, Oceania, Aspen, Jet Black, Dark Water, Silver Sky, Golden Hour

Amplify Long Sleeve in Golden Hour (@fearstofit)

Amplify Long Sleeve in Dark Water (CAROLA)

Alphalux Collection

Alphalux Tri Bra - Black & Gold, White & Gold, Trooper, Eternal Rose, Wren, Canyon Trail

Alphalux Tri Bra in Black and Gold (RANDI)

Alphalux Tri Bra in Eternal Rose and Wren (AMY)

Alphalux Essential Legging - Black & Gold, Trooper, Eternal Rose, Wren

Alphalux Essential Legging in Black and Gold (RANDI)

Alphalux Essential Legging in Eternal Rose and Trooper (AMY)

Surface Collection

Surface Laser Wrap Bra - Black, Night Sky (Navy), Rose Wine, Half Moon (Grey), Endless Sky, Golden Hour

Surface Laser Wrap Bra in Rose Wine (RANDI) and Golden Hour (HOPESCOPE)

Surface Laser Wrap Bra in Rose Wine (Back) (ASHMADISON), Endless Sky

Surface Limitless Bra- White, True Navy, Rose Wine, Half Moon (Grey), Canyon Trail, Golden Hour

White Surface Limitless Bra (RANDI)

Surface Limitless Bra in Canyon Trail, Half Moon (RANDI)

Surface Limitless Bra in Half Moon, Rose Wine (AMY)

Surface Path Laser Cut Legging - Black, Night Sky, Rose Wine, Half Moon, Endless Sky, Golden Hour, Canyon Trail, True Navy

Laser Cut Leggings in Golden Hour (HOPESCOPE), Endless Sky and Half Moon (RANDI)

Laser Cut Leggings in Rose Wine (GABBY)

Laser Cut Leggings in Canyon Trail (RANDI)

Laser Cut Surface Path in Night Sky (HOPESCOPE), Endless Sky (MUKDA) and True Navy (ASHLEY)

Performance Division Collection

PBNS Oversized Crop - Black, Silver, Burgundy, Flat Rose, Hunter

PBNS Crop in Black (AMY)

Chapter III Oversized Crop Top - White, Black, Trooper, Antler, Flat Olive, Golden Hour

Chapter III Oversized Crop in White (AMY)

Chapter III Oversized Crop in Golden Hour (CAROLA)

Chapter III Oversized Crop in Antler (CAROLA)

PBNS Oversized Long Sleeve Crop - Black, Flat Rose, Flat Olive, Echo

Proud but Never Satisfied Oversized Long Sleeve Crop in Echo

Be More Fitted Crop Top - Black, White, Seafoam, Oceania, Purple Haze

Be More Fitted Crop in Black (AMY)

Be More Fitted Crop in Oceania

Be More Fitted Crop in Seafoam (CAROLA)

Signature Fitted Crop Top - Black/Gold, White/Black, Oceania, Magnet

Signature Fitted Crop in Black/Gold (RANDI)

Legacy Oversized Long Sleeve Top - Black/Gold, White/Silver, Black/White, White/Gold

Legacy Oversized Long Sleeve Top in White/Gold (CAROLA)

Pro Elite Jacket - White Camo

Pro Elite Jacket in White Camo - Super subtle camo pattern (RANDI)

Essential Jogger - Black, Burgundy, Flat Rose, Rapids Blue, Trooper, Signature Grey, Lilac, Sage, Dark Olive, Raven, Camo??


Glute Bands

   Camo Glute Bands (RANDI)  

Surface Union Headband - White, Night Sky, Black, Half Moon, Canyon Trail

Surface Headband - Black, Endless Sky, Rose Wine, Golden Hour

There will be sooo much more to come, but I just wanted to get this out in case anyone was curious/wanted to have a single place for where all of the Alphalete sneak peaks were dropping!

Check out my giant list of Black Friday activewear deals here and the Buffbunny Black Friday Launch guide will be out soon as well!

If you want to stay updated with all the latest sales, dupes and general tea, make sure to subscribe to this blog by registering your email or shooting me a form in the contact area! I'll be posting new black friday sales to this page, as well on my facebook page, so make sure to follow me there as well! Your support means the world to me! :)

Happy Hunting! Happy Shopping! Happy Saving!

Caly Out!

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