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Buffbunny Launch Guide: Nubre Collection - Tones of the Earth

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Hello my lovelies!

It is that time again! Buffbunny is having yet another launch, so it is time for another launch guide! I will say, with the prevalence of unboxing videos from athletes on instagram, its becoming easier and easier to have this information ahead of time, so I'm rethinking if I want to continue making these guides. But without any further ado, let's jump into this upcoming collection!

Also, if you find these launch guides and my blog as a whole helpful! Please consider supporting me through Kofi!

I’ll also be uploading the planning spreadsheet whenever prices come out, so stay tuned to my FB page or bookmark this page!

Without any further ado, let's get into what will be launching!

Launch Details

Saturday, September 4th, 2021





@kathrynm_fit - KATHRYN

@miss.amanda.ann - AMANDA

@heyitsarelig - ARELI

@alenefit - ALENE

@lifestyles_by_lana - LANA

@hannahgarske - HANNAH

@kassimansfield - KASSI

@terramariekurtz - TERRA

@rachell_price - RACHEL

@justusleaguefit - RJFIT

@gabriellettongol - GABS

@nancys_journey - NANCY

@shannon.henry - SHANNON

@ashleykfit - ASHLEYKFIT

@feliciafitnesshealth - FELICIA - TERESA

@oliviaostrom_ - OLIVIA

@karacoreyfitlife - KARA

@kcampfit - KINSEY

@victoriavilla__ - VICTORIA

@megmo_fit - MEGMO

@bblfit - BROOKE

@lively.liz - LIVELYLIZ

@biancamariem_ - BIANCA

@caitlynr_fitness - CAITLYN

@michobabyy - MICHOBABYY

@gabsfit15 - GABBY

@ariannadantone - ARI

@crunches_and_cabernet - SHEENA

@nicholefreedom - NICHOLE

@daniellamelo - MELO

@fitveganchef - NATALIE

@kelly.lenahan - KEL

@randikennedy_ - RANDI

@desb__- DESB

@kenahlifts - KENAHLIFTS

@briannamariefitness - BRIANNA

@madiditler - MADI

@liftliketiff - LIFTLIKETIFF

@lexi_deyoung - LEXI

@sandraa_fit - SANDRA

@getfitwjessics - GETFITWJESSICA

@wokeuplikedez - DEZ @htashup - ASHLEY

@nicci_robinson - GOLDENFIT

@kiborman_ - KIANA

@samstartshere - SAMSTARTSHERE

@kait.davis - KAIT

@caitlynr_fitness - CAITLYN

@katieyovin - KATIE

Instagram Live

Teresa - (Code: TERESA)

Kara Corey - (Code: KARA)

DesB - (Code: DESB)

Kathryn Mueller - (Code: KATHRYN)

Youtube Reviews

Buffbunny Collection Behind the Design -


Terrain Tank - Golden Hour, Onyx Black

Meridian Mock Neck - Secret Garden Teal, Pink Sand, Onyx Black

Foundation Tank - Built in sports bra - Grounded Dark Olive, Vineyard Red, Onyx Black

Breeze Tank - Riverbed Blue, Golden Hour Yellow, Onyx Black

Horizon Top - Ivory, Onyx Black

Aurora Crop Top - Secret Garden Dark Teal, Bossy Print, Vineyard Red, Onyx Black


Revolution Sports Bra - Golden Hour, Grounded Dark Olive, Canyon Rust, Secret Garden Teal, Pink Salt, Bossy Print, Onyx Black, Midnight Navy, Vineyard Red

Rosa Sports Bra - Pink Bossy Print, Vineyard Red, Riverbed Blue, Secret Garden Teal, Onyx Black, White

Alpha Sports Bra - Pink Salt Bossy Print, Secret Garden Teal, Vineyard Red, Onyx Black

Monarch Sports Bra - Vineyard Red Bossy Print, Vineyard Red, Riverbed Blue, Pink Salt, White, Onyx Black

Solar Sports Bra - Bossy Print, Pink Salt, Vineyard Dark Red, Onyx Black

Geo Sports Bra - Vineyard Dark Red Bossy Print, Grounded Dark Olive, Riverbed Blue, Onyx Black


Latitude Legging - Canyon Rust, Midnight Navy, Onyx Black

Monarch Legging - Onyx Black, Vineyard Dark Red, Riverbed Blue, Secret Garden Teal, Midnight Navy

Legacy Legging - Pink Bossy Print, Bossy Print, Vineyard Dark Red, Midnight Navy, Onyx Black

Rosa Legging - Midnight Navy, Secret Garden Teal, Onyx Black, Midnight Navy

Rosa Pocket Legging - Grounded Dark Olive, Midnight Navy, Vineyard Dark Red Bossy Print, Onyx Black, Secret Garden Teal

Legacy Shorts (4" Inseam) - Canyon Rust, Vineyard Red Bossy Print, Onyx Black, Secret Garden Teal

Rosa Shorts (4" inseam) - Onyx Black, Midnight Navy (longer than legacy), Riverbed Blue

Rosa Pocket Biker Shorts (10" inseam w/ Pockets) - Vineyard Dark Red, Pink Salt Bossy Print, Grounded Dark Olive, Onyx Black

Legacy Biker Shorts - Golden Hour, Vineyard Dark Red, Pink Salt, Bossy Print, Onyx Black

Jewel Jogger - Secret Garden Teal, Vineyard Dark Red, Midnight Navy, Onyx


Rosa Crop Jacket - Black, Vineyard Red

Elemental Long Windbreaker - White, Onyx Black, Pink Salt

Geo Bodysuit - Vineyard Dark Red, Onyx Black, Midnight Navy


Scrunchies - Pink Salt Bossy Print, Golden Hour, Bossy Print, Vineyard Red Bossy Print, Riverbed Blue

Headbands - Bossy Print, Pink Salt Bossy Print, Vineyard Red Bossy Print, Golden Hour, Riverbed Blue

Glute Band - Bossy Print

Game Changer Backpack - Vineyard Red, Olive Green, Midnight Navy

* I don't have many pictures at the moment as most affiliates are just receiving their boxes, but more details to come soon!

Happy shopping!

- Caly

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