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Thoughts on Briana K's Upcoming Fighter Collection, Launching in October

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Edited on September 11th, 2020: Briana has announced the name of upcoming collection and some new pieces, so I've added them into this post.

Hi my lovelies!

So, it has come to my attention that Briana K is doing another launch in October, named the Figher Collection, as per Instagram Live, which you can watch on her instagram @brianakfitness. And...being the dupe obsessed and tea-spilling individual I am...and I guess the white-labelling ethics police?? I’ve decided to help out anyone who wants to snag some of her pieces early, sans the logo, with the Aliexpress/Amazon versions that are straight from the manufacturer.

Now, Briana has finally stated that she has made “some custom pieces,” so let us take a look at what exactly she means…

She has made some custom colors--a teal green, light grey and pink, although the design is still the exact same, for the Lolli Leggings/Biker Shorts and the tank top. While asking a manufacturer for a custom color is more involved than simply picking and ordering right away from what is in stock, I’d still hesitate to say it is truly “custom,” but to give credit where credit is due, you certainly won’t be able to get those colors from AliExpress or Amazon right away. It definitely isn’t an unusual practice, and it still is much less burdensome than doing a full custom design and finding a manufacturer to produce that design.

Other than having custom colors, she is releasing custom designed oversized tees which will come in the three custom colors as before. It is totally possible that she did design them and it is a fairly simple shape. While I wouldn’t be dropping more than $5 on an oversized tee which I could get on Amazon, I applaud her that she has worked to make a true custom piece, but once again, I can’t say that it has a particularly unique structure or style.

Jumping into what she has white-labelled (see this post if you don’t know what that means and want the low-down on the last drama we had with Briana K on this blog!), there is still plenty of her collection that will be available ahead of time. Also, if you want a bit of a juicy tidbit on my thoughts since the last Briana K post I made, which apparently made a real splash in her Facebook group (which I believe is still closed down?), read until the end!

Bold Bra:

This longline sports bra follows the tradition of Briana white-labelling her products, you can catch them on Amazon and Aliexpress now! These are actually a dupe of a Lululemon bra which has now become discontinued, called the Strong As One Longline Bra.

Briana K




Full-Length Lolli Leggings

She will also be releasing full-length Lolli leggings that match the long-line sports bras...which are also available on Aliexpress. The colors that seem to be dropping are the black camo, yellow and a navy. In fact, in the AliExpress stock photos, you can see a lady rocking the exact same camo long-line bra and leggings that Briana K was wearing in her collection announcement live.

Briana K




Lolli Capri’s without Pockets

She will also be re-releasing Capri's albeit without the pocket detailing. Not too much to say here, just a classic white-labelled item. The one thing I would like to note is the Briana K describes the Lolli Capris as

These are exactly the same as our Lolli Leggings in the past, but they are cropped...Exact same as our Lolli Leggings, same waistband and everything, same fit.

In her instagram live, at 22:17. I find this very misleading, because in actuality, if you look at the leggings, they have a COMPLETELY different gusset from the Lolli Leggings. The Lolli Leggings have an extended gusset crotch and a front-seam.

HOWEVER, I rewatched the live multiple times and took screenshots to be extra sure because she adds a filter to her videos causing the colors and image quality to be blurry, AND THEY DON'T HAVE A FRONT SEAM! OR AN EXTENDED GUSSET CROTCH!!

Briana K New Lolli Capris

If you look at the photos in the bottom, an extended gusset crotch would show two lines going down the crotch area of the leggings, and it is obvious that there is no front seam from the photos where she unfolds the leggings.

I find it kind of surprising that she is that unaware of the products that she is putting out as part of her brand. Considering that she repeated several times that these leggings are the exact same as the Lolli Leggings, but cropped, I went back in time to see if maybe, just the past collections, her Lolli Leggings didn't have a front-seam and had a triangle gusset crotch.

Briana K Lolli Leggings

But, at least from what I could find on instagram, her Lolli Leggings have ALWAYS had the front seam and extended gusset crotch. I find her advertising that the upcoming Lolli capris are "exactly the same" an indication that either a. she had no idea what she has been releasing in the past...and in the present, since her new full-length Lolli Leggings have an extended gusset crotch, OR, b. she has a reason for wanting to makbe her followers believe they are exactly the same.

It is 100% guaranteed that a pair of leggings with a front seam + extended gusset crotch, WILL sit differently and fit differently from one without a front-seam and a triangle gusset. Additionally this particular capri has more of a "curved" V seam than the white-labelled leggings that Briana K has used for her Lolli Leggings. All of these will change how a pair of leggings looks and fits...which I feel like should be clearly stated. So once again, this is either negligence or she is just avoiding telling her followers that they are different...which I don't understand why that would be necessary at all...



AliExpress: (Black + black camo) - $18.39 (light blue + light grey) - $22.79

New Bras w/ Mesh

The second new bra which BrianaK is releasing is a mesh back bra. I couldn't figure out which color of the two blue's that Amazon and AliExpress sell are the blue that Briana will be releasing because of her lighting filters, but I will update once I can figure it out! It is a dupe of the Lululemon Invigorate Bra.

Briana K Bra




Long Sleeve Crop Top w/ Cut Out

Briana made another announcement on her instagram with a couple new items, this top included, which is another AliExpress item. I'm actually fairly sure this is a dupe of a Gymshark or a Lululemon top, but it is slipping my mind right now.

Briana K

AliExpress Version


Balance Joggers - New Colors

Briana is also bringing new colors of her joggers, which are the same jogger as the Paragon Errand Jogger, which are drop-shipped from AliExpress. It is unsurprising that AliExpress has only recently increased their color range of these joggers. These new colors don't look like they are out on Amazon yet, but they certainly are on AliExpress! The colors she is releasing them in are, Storm (grey), Brick (Red Crimson on AliExpress), Navy (Midnight Blue on AliExpress)

Briana K



Cropped Hoodie

The cropped hoodie is a pretty plan hoodie, which, of course, is on AliExpress in all the colors that Briana is releasing them in: Black, Blue, and Grey.

Briana K



Thoughts on Briana K's Reaction to My Last Blog Post

Anyways, thats all I have right now on the latest Briana K news. I do want to address some things about Briana K's reaction to the last blog post I made. In her instagram live, she stated that

We got a lot of backlash for not being 100% custom made

Which worries me...because the reason she got backlash wasn't because that her brand wasn't custom was because beforehand, she claimed that her items were custom made. To quote my last post:

my biggest issue with Briana K is that she has insisted repeatedly that her designs are her own hard work, when in fact, they aren’t

I'm not sure if she actually read my blog post, or whether people who did read it were more upset at the fact she was white-labelling, or if it was her dishonesty, but I know that at the very least, I made it very clear that it was the lack of integrity that was a problem.

When I last made that post, I didn't provide any "hard" evidence that she claimed that she designed/created her own items other than information I got from members of her fitness group, partially because she had way too many instagram posts for me to dig through all of them, but since then, I've done so more searching and managed to come up with this piece of concrete evidence. At least up to 9 months ago, a reddit poster made a post about Briana K, she had this story up on instagram for one of her very first releases:

^ This is the reason why people were upset. Not that the items weren't custom designed, but because she lied...and it is still concerning that she doesn't seem to get that. Regardless, I am glad that she is taking a step forward in making custom pieces, but it seems to me that she really didn't get the point of the backlash against her and is still an overall lackluster business owner, considering she doesn't even remember her own pieces.

She issued a statement on her instagram in August 20th stating:

I want to apologize to anyone I may have hurt or for the comments you may have seen about me and my brand. I want you to know that I truly love this and every single one of you. I’ve been afraid of hate and have let it get me down for months now. I haven’t felt as open as I normally would be. I felt kinda trapped. You all are my family and people who have been with me for years. Watched me grow and create this company. @brianakbrand is all about realizing your full potential. It’s about knowing just how capable you and strong you are. Some designs of mine are not 100% custom made. I purchase some from a designer off a catalog where I choose colors, pieces, re name everything, come up with a marketing campaign/name the collection, store/pack/ship all orders. I create the vision. Now, some items I do custom make. We are transitioning as a company to be 100% custom made. In the beginning, that just wasn’t possible but I’m happy to say that we can finally do that! I bought a sketch book, I’ve been drawing/creating/getting custom colors etc! I cannot wait to see what the future holds. I just want you to know from the bottom of my heart that I am sorry. I’m sorry for not being 100% transparent and explaining the ins and outs of my business. I want you to know what you’re supporting. When you buy from us, you support a small business who grinds every day to make this brand more than just clothes. I was sad, overweight girl who had no clue what life held. Now, I’ve found so much more than I could’ve ever imagined. It’s time to RISE. ✨

After long last, she has retracted the story she gave a couple months ago stating that she creates her own pieces, but like in her instagram live, she centers her apology around her brand not being "100% custom made." Which I will state again: IS AND WAS NOT. THE. PROBLEM. but, it looks like she doesn't want to give the apology that so many of her old and maybe current followers want, and there isn't anything anyone can do about that but let it go...

Anyways, thats all from your local dupe-hunter and tea-spiller! Let me know your thoughts in the comments section and I hope everyone is having a happy hump day!

If you want to stay updated with all the latest dupes, releases and...general tea, make sure to subscribe to this blog by registering your email or shooting me a form in the contact area and follow my facebook page! I'm always eager to find dupes + discover new brands, so don't ever hesitate to suggest a brand that you want me to find dupes for!

Happy Hunting! Happy Shopping! Happy Saving!

Caly Out!


Note: This post may contain affiliate links and give a small commission at no additional cost to you, used to support the running of this site!

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