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Kamo Fitness December Launch + Giveaway!!: New Ellyn Colors, Tanks and the Kaya Collection!

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

Hello my lovelies!!

I am so sorry it has been a while since my last blog post! The chaos of Black Friday and the holiday rush has really gotten to me, and there weren’t too many launches as companies were trying to clear and ship out their inventory from Black Friday! However, I am back at it again, with one of my favorite, affordable, activewear brands: Kamo Fitness!

Kamo Fitness is launching a new collection, as well as new colors of their best selling Ellyn tank and leggings on December 21st. They were generous and lovely enough to send me some of their collection early so I could give everyone a sneak peak! I’ll be trying on some pieces for you in this review! (Whooo, the rare comeback of a Caly activewear review, instead of just launch lists!) I am wearing a size small in all the pieces! There are giveaway details at the bottom, so make sure to check that out!

Some items will be available exclusively at their website (, but part of their stock has already been sent to Amazon, and will be available in a week or two! I don’t know exactly which of the new pieces will be on Amazon, but I will update the information on my FB page as soon as I know!

Launch Info:

December 21st, 2020


TL;DR Review/Summary

In Depth Review

Ellyn Leggings 25” - Scooter Tie Dye, Asphalt Grey, Puffins Tie Dye, Roasted Russet - $32.98 (Amazon)

Asphalt Grey, Scooter Tie Dye, Puffins Tie Dye, Roasted Russet

Solid Colors - Roasted Russet, Asphalt Grey

First of all, absolutely LOVE love LOVE, the fabric of the solid seamless Ellyn leggings, it is very slightly brushed (which does mean it will pick up a bit of fuzz/hair), but still has a slick feel. They aren’t the most compressive on the legs, but boy does the waist cinch you in!

Another thing I love about these leggings is that they aren’t extremely high waisted on me! I’m only 5’ 3” and a lot of high waisted leggings come up almost to my ribcage at times, but this sits basically perfectly on where I want the top of my leggings to hit, just an inch or so above my belly button! A warning for shorter gals though, the Ellyn leggings are a 7/8ths legging, so being a shorter gal, they are full length on me, and there is excess fabric that causes a tiny bit of ankle gaping, which is a fairly common problem for me anyways.

Tie Dye Colors - Scooter Tie Dye, Puffins Tie Dye

Now, onto the new Tie dye colors of the Ellyn Leggings - we have the gorgeous, Red/Black Scooter Tie Dye, and the adorable Orange/Navy Puffins Tie Dye. The tie dye leggings are made of the same fabric as the solid color Ellyn leggings.

However, I found them noticeably tighter and more compressive than the solid Ellyn leggings. If the solid colors are light compression, these are a medium compression legging. Likely due to the dying process, they feel a lot less soft and silky, and a lot more compressive and durable. They also feel slightly thicker, which, once again might be due to the dying process. The pros of this, is that if you like compression, go for the tie dye leggings! Additionally, I don’t get the ankle gaping on these, like I did with the solid colors. But, if you want something that is a bit stretchier and more second-skin like, I would recommend the solid leggings instead. You may also want to consider sizing up in the Tie Dye colorways if you don’t want as much compression, but still love the style!

Because of the stiffer feeling fabric, there is a greater sense of compression overall, but especially at the top of the waistband. For all of the ellyn leggings, because of the nature of the way they are constructed, there will be the most compression at the top of the waistband to cinch your waist in, but less compression in the lower stomach area (also affectionately known as the pooch).

The Measurements/Sizing

As you can see, the top of the waistband is 9 inches, which will really cinch the smallest part of your waist in, and flares out to around 12 inches. If you are worried about how small the tapered waistband is at the top, I would recommend potentially sizing up to avoid it being too cinched that it becomes uncomfortable, especially on the tie-dye colors.

I compared the waistbands of the previous Ellyn launch (I only have the tie-dye colors), and found that the black tie-dye from the previous launch had a noticeably smaller waist-band, so if you needed to size up in the last launch, you may want to go true to size for this one!

I have no problems at all with cameltoe in any of the colorways, which might be because of the really wide and long crotch gusset that the Ellyn leggings have.

Fabric: 75% Nylon, 25% Spandex


I found all the colorways 100% squat proof on me, no issues there!

Ellyn Crop Tank Bra - Scooter Tie Dye - $24.98 (Amazon)

As for the Ellyn Crop Tank Bra, I can only say that this is honestly one of my favorite tanks! They are an amazing lululemon Align tank dupe, but also super comfortable! The fabric is the same as the Ellyn Leggings and High Neck Tanks, and they are a low, maybe...mid-level support tank, depending on your chest size, because of the low cut. A small fits me perfectly, and I would recommend sticking true to size for this tank! If you liked the tie dye that they released in their initial Ellyn tank launch, you’ll absolutely love the Scooter Tie Dye!

The Measurements

On a size small, the bust is around 13.75 inches, and the bottom of the waist tapers barely to 13 inches, with the lowest part of the tank around 8 inches long!

Fabric: 75% Nylon, 25% Spandex

Now, moving onto the new items that are launching!

Ellyn High Neck Tank - Asphalt Grey, Snow White - $24.98 (Amazon)

This is a new item, but is still part of their Ellyn Collection line and formulated with the same fabric composition: the High Neck Tank! I am all for this style, since sometimes you want to want a bit more coverage in the gym. It features an open cross back, and a built in bra. They put in some gorgeous seam details that go along the side and underneath the bust to create a really flattering contour, and I definitely see myself wearing it to not just work out, but also as a casual piece!

I would rate it as a medium-support bra/top, I got it in a size small and am pretty much a solid small in tops across the board. What is keeping it from being more high support is that the fabric is more slick and soft vs. compressive (like the solid colored Ellyn leggings), and the inner band of the built-in sports bra is a tiny bit looser than I prefer.

There is a tiny bit of gaping between my stomach and the end of the top as well. However, I don’t think I could size down for more compression/support though, since the shoulder straps are the perfect length. Any smaller and the straps would likely be digging in uncomfortably.

It hits right at the belly button for me, but if you are a taller gal, it will likely be a bit more cropped. However, I wouldn’t necessarily call it a full length tank. It is more like a happy medium between a crop and a full length, that hits right at or above most high-waisted leggings.

On the white top, you can slightly see that there is a second layer to the top, and the bra band does show through the top, but on the gray, it isn’t noticeable at all!

The Measurements

Fabric: 75% Nylon, 25% Spandex

Kaya Pocket Leggings 25” - Periscope Grey, Moonless Black - $32.98 (Amazon)

The Kaya Pocket Leggings are a completely new line that Kamo is dropping, with a completely new fabric composition! Compared to the Ellyn leggings, it has more spandex and less nylon in the formulation. They are more of a slick material than the Ellyn leggings, with less of a brushed feel. I would rate the compression in between the Ellyn Solid colors and the ellyn Tie dye leggings, so a light/medium compression legging.

The booty contour on these is also not as deep as on the Ellyn Leggings. The Ellyn’s have a 6.5 inch drop from top to the bottom of the V, whereas these have a 5 inch drop. They still do make your booty pop though! I do have a minor gripe with the pockets. While I absolutely love the fact that they do have pockets, the shape of the pockets themselves are thinner and longer, and while it does fit my phone, it doesn’t go all the way into the pocket because of how it tapers down. If you are only planning on putting in keys and maybe some cash/a credit card, the pockets are more than large enough, but personally, I would have liked it if the pockets were a bit wider overall.

Another caveat is that the style of the gusset crotch (very similar to the Buffbunny Live Free Leggings), means that a bit of the gusset is visible when standing normally. It isn’t super visible, especially because Kamo did a great job with making the thread match the fabric of the leggings, and the gusset crotch isn’t super long, but I know that some people didn’t love this on the Buffbunny Live Free leggings (myself included!). I have no issues with cameltoe in this style either, which is a major plus!

The Measurements

Like the Ellyn leggings, there is no band at the top of the waistband, and it does taper inwards to cinch in your waist. The tapering is not as drastic on the Kaya leggings as they are on the Ellyn, as you can see from these measurements, it goes from 10 inches at the top of the waistband to 12 inches. Additionally, I found that although these are a 25” inch inseam legging, the actual inseam seems to be closer to around 26” vs the Ellyn which were a true 25”, so for any taller ladies, these may be more full-length on you!

As for me, I still have the gaping at the ankles with these leggings, which is to be expected, I’ve kind of just resigned myself to every legging gaping a bit for me!


I know that some ladies had some issues with the black leggings that they received from Kamo Fitness not being squatproof. I tested the squatproofness of both the gray and black leggings and found them 100% squatpoof with no issue!

Fabric: 70% Polyester, 30% Spandex

Kaya Sports Bra - Periscope Grey, Moonless black - $23.98

Finally...a long-line sports bra from Kamo! So far, the only tops that Kamo Fitness has released have been the Ellyn Crop Tank, which was more of a tank with a built-in bra than a pure bra. With the Kaya Sports Bra, they’ve launched their first official sports bra! It is a long-line sports bra with a simple two-strap criss-cross detail in the back. It is a medium support for me, and I love the extra length it has as a long-line sports bra. I love, love love, long-line sports bras in general, and this one definitely has a classic design that pairs well with pretty much anything and everything!

In a size small, I don’t have any complaints about the straps digging into my shoulders, and it has a very wide-open back design. If you like the Buffbunny monarch bras that really show off your back, this is another great, affordable option! It is also slightly reminiscent of the Lululemon classic Energy Bra. However, it anchors the straps much further apart, so that the back is more open, and is less compressive and made of a more stretchy fabric than the Energy Bra. I would like then fabric to being extremely similar to Buffbunny’s Nubre Fabric, which is formulated as 74% Nylon and 26% Spandex, not too far off from the 70/30 blend that the Kaya fabric is!

The Measurements

Fabric: 70% Polyester, 30% Spandex

Other Info!

There are two gray colors coming out, and they are not the same! Here are some side-by-side photos to compare the Periscope Gray (Kaya collection), vs Asphalt Grey (Ellyn Collection).

Left in both photos (asphalt Grey), right (Periscope Grey)

In conclusion….

If you have read this far...THANK YOU! This collection by Kamo Fitness is amazing, and in my opinion, their best yet! I will be doing a giveaway for the upcoming Kamo Fitness launch, to enter, all you have to:

1) subscribe to the blog or follow my facebook page, and

2) comment either on FB or on this post, on what pieces you are the most excited for!

The giveaway closes on Sunday, December 20th, at midnight PST and will be for a top/bottom combo of your choice!*

Update: Giveaway winner! The giveaway winner for the Kamo Fitness outfit is commenter pham.kathy2! I will be reaching out to you shortly!

As always, your support means the world to me and I can’t wait for everyone to get their hands on this collection!

* This giveaway is US only

Happy Shopping!

- Caly Out!


Note: This post may contain affiliate links from Amazon

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