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Top 4 Lululemon Short Amazon Dupes

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

Hi my lovelies!

If you are looking for some new dupes for Lululemon for your loved ones this Christmas season, I have some great new Amazon dupes that are sure to give you maximal value for you dollar. Ranging from the popular 1/4 Oversized Scuba, to fan favorite Track That High Rise shorts, we have alternative affordable options for everyone on your Christmas wishlist, with the convenience of Amazon. Without any further ado, lets get started!

Left: Lululemon, Right: CRZ Yoga

These shorts are retail for a cool $58 per pair + tax at Lululemon. CRZ Yoga has an alternative option that looks eerily similar (dare we say inspired) by the Lululemon shorts which are retailing currently as of time of writing, only $24, more than 50% off (shop here).

Left: Lululemon, Right: Colorfulkoala

The Hotty Hot shorts have been a style that have been around for many years at Lululemon, and has gone through several redesigns, iterations and more. Like the Track That HR 5" shorts, they also retail for $58 per pair + tax. Colorfulkoala has an alternative option that I can say from personal experience, is basically identical to the Hotty Hot shorts (as of time of writing, they are $25, shop here).

Left: Lululemon, Right: Colorfulkoala

Although less popular than the Hotty Hot Shorts, Lululemon attempted expanding its line of tennis skirts with the Hotty Hot Skirt, which retails for $78+tax (although some colors are on sale in limited sizes for $39+tax). Colorfulkoala has produced an alternative option which, as of time of writing, is $25, shop here.

Left: Lululemon, Right: CrzYoga

Another popular shorts style is the Find Your Pace shorts, which like most Lulu shorts, retail for $58+tax, but CrzYoga has a dupe which, as of time of writing, is $28 (shop here)

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season! As always happy shopping!

Caly Out!

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