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Affordable Alternatives for Your Favorite TikTok Viral Products!

Hi Lovelies!

Now, normally I only do activewear, but lately, I've been finding myself browsing TikTok and I can definitely see why there are so many influencers trying to make it on the platform, there are so many little "TikTok viral must-have products." The issue with that is this is that...things sell out (thinking back to the time that the Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag went completely viral), and are often overpriced. With that in mind, I decided to compile a list of more affordable alternatives for some popular TikTok viral products!

The Stanley Quencher Tumbler has definitely reached viral status. It's often sold out and also often being sold by resellers based on the rarity of certain colors. However, for a less expensive (and less popular) alternative, check out the Simply Modern Tumbler. They both hold 40oz of liquid, and are insulated and made of stainless steel. Personally, I find the smooth, minimal branding of the Simply Modern mug more aesthetic than the Stanley. They also both feature the slimmer bottom so that both tumblers can fit into your car cup holder!

The downside of the Simply Modern Mug is that they have a slower shipping rate (although they still offer free prime shipping!). Given how hard it is to cop one of the Stanley's, I'm willing to wait for the Simply Modern mugs though!

Left (Baggu), Medium (Tomchan) Right (Uniqlo)

Another popular trend lately has been the Crescent style of bags. There are a couple different bags that have gained popularity on TikTok, one of them being the Uniqlo Crescent bag, which is priced fairly affordably at $19.90 on their website. However, reviews have stated that the latest version of the bag has downgraded from Nylon to polyester, making the bag just that much less sturdy.

The Baggu Medium Crescent is another option, which is made of nylon still, and equally popular on TikTok. However, this bag will set you back a cool $59 + tax, making me a Nylon bag really worth that?

The Tomchan Crossbody is available on Amazon, in three bright colors and boasts the crescent shape with nylon fabric at a more affordable price point compared to the nylon Baggu bag. However, it does only come in bright colors, so if you want something more neutral, it may be worth shelling out for the Baggu instead.

Left (Grovemade), Right (Amazon Aothia)

The GroveMade Monitor stand is a regular in aesthetic, cozy space tiktoks that make you feel like you need to revamp your entire working space for those neutral girlies. However, it costs quite a bit more than I'm willing to pay, so the Aothia wood risers at just a quarter of the price are the option of choice for me as of now!

These are all the dupes for now, but make sure to subscribe to my mailing list for more affordable alternatives to your favorite products!


Note: this post may contain affiliate links and CalysFitFinds may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page.

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