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What I'm Buying on Amazon Prime Day 2022

Hi lovelies!

Since Prime Day (July 12-13) is upon us, I wanted to share some items I'm picking up that I think is worth the money! Some of it is activewear, but some items are more lifestyle items that I think are useful to have and great to pick up when on discount! I'll be updating this last as I go on throughout the Prime Day Sales (prices are accurate as of when originally written/updated)

Gymshark Bandeau Bra Dupes (From $24.99 -> $18.39)

This Gymshark bandeau bra dupe from Amazon is literally my favorite bra. I've pretty much decided to sell or donate all my other bras from Buffbunny, Luluemon, etc because this bra tops them all! I also like how they are square neck with thin straps so I can wear them under tank tops (especially the Aritiza Sculpt Knit Tank that I always struggle to find a bra to wear with). They are 20% off on Amazon for Prime Day, but it is a lightning deal so make sure to grab them fast!

Anker Portable Charger w/ 20000 mAh

I am such an advocate of always carrying a power bank with you whenever you leave the house! I used to always run out of battery on my phone, and my family or friends would freak out trying to call me, I would freak out trying to find my way back from whichever random place I went to without Google Maps. Power banks have literally saved me, and while there are a variety of non-branded power banks you can get, Anker has always been great quality, long lasting, and holding an insane amount of charge so that I don't have to constantly recharge it. I've given ones to both my parents and my siblings and they all love it. It quite literally is a must have in my opinion, and they are up to 30% off or more from Amazon during Prime Day, so I snagged two different models!

First Aid Kit (from $28.74 -> $19.99)

I know I might sound like someone who is overly prepared at times and lugs around a huge bag everywhere, but I also love first aid kits. I have one in my car - but I wanted to pick up one while it is on sale for my parent's car, especially since you never know what could happen! Who knows, it might save someone's life one day!

Hope everyone has some great finds this prime day!

Caly Out!


Note: this post may contain affiliate links and CalysFitFinds may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them.

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