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Buffbunny Frozen Launch Guide: All you need to know about the Black Friday Launch!

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Hello my lovelies!!

Buffbunny Collection dropped info about their upcoming Frozen launch a couple days ago, and now with the athletes well on their way to receiving their collections, I thought it would be a good time to go ahead and drop the launch guide now! As always, this post will be constantly updating, so make sure to check back in!

Launch Details:

Black Friday, Midnight CST

November 26th, 10:00 PM PST

November 27th, 12:00 AM CST

November 27th, 1:00 AM EST

As always, I am not affiliated with Buffbunny Collection at all (sadly :( ), but I have included the affiliate codes for some lovely Buffbunny athletes if you would like to support them! I will also be updating the youtube review list, should any of the athletes do youtube reviews prior to the launch!

For more details on all Black Friday discounts/launches, head over to the Black Friday Activewear Guide!


@kathrynm_fit - KATHRYN

@alenefit - ALENE

@hannahgarske - HANNAH

@shannon.henry - SHANNON - TERESA

@jessikacarmen - JESSIKA

@aubrieb - AUBRIE

@kcampfit - KINSEY

@michobabyy - MICHOBABYY

@nicci_robinson - GOLDENFIT

@fitveganchef - NATALIE

@gemzape - GEM

@desb__- DESB

@kenahlifts - KENAHLIFTS

Instagram Lives

Kara Corey Fit Life - Unboxing + First Impression

Alene Fit - Unboxing

Gabrielle Tongol - Unboxing

Teresa - Unboxing

FeliciaFitnessHealth - Unboxing

Michobabyy - Unboxing


Kathryn Mueller - Try on Haul/Review

Randi Kennedy - Try on Haul

Olivia Ostrom - Try on Haul

Kara Corey Fit Life - Try on Haul

Color Comparisons

From Left to Right: Alaska, Glacier


Northern Lights Leggings + Jacket - Borealis Deep Blue, Icicle Baby Blue, Black Stone

Features: Shimmer Finish

Snow Camo Set - Limitless Leggings + Jade Mesh Bra

Features: Leggings with Pockets, no front seam


Limitless Biker Shorts - FrostBite, Snow Camo, Avant Ice

~8 in inseam

Limitless Biker Shorts in FrostBite

Limitless Biker Shorts in Snow Camo

Outlaw Leggings (Perform - Seam at Waistband) - Frost, Glacier

26" inseam

Outlaw Legging in Frost

Outlaw Legging in Glacier

Linx Legging (Energy Fabric) - 50 Below, Black Ice, Glacier, Alaska

Lynx Legging in 50 Below Colorway (Navy/Black)

Lynx Leggings in Glacier

Lynx Leggings in Alaska

Live Free Leggings (Energy) - Black Ice, 50 Below (Navy), Glacier, Alaska, Bondi Blue

26" Inseam

Live Free Leggings in Alaska

Live Free Legging in Glacier

* No front seam

Motion Leggings - Avant Ice, FrostBite

Motion Leggings in Avant Ice, FrostBite

Rosa Pocket Leggings (Nubre) - Black Ice, Glacier, Alaska

Rosa Pocket Leggings in Black

Rosa Pocket Leggings in Alaska

Frozen Shorts - Black Ice, Polar Ice, Mistletoe

Frozen Shorts in Black Ice and Polar Ice (from's instagram live)

Frozen Shorts in Mistletoe

* Once again, so sorry for the terrible pictures! Its a drawstring set of shorts in the same crushed velvet material as the Frozen dresses!

Presidential Pant - Onyx

Similar material as Boss Blazer/Pants


Lower 48 Crop - Frost, Alaska, Black Ice

Lower 48 Crop in the color Frost

Lower 48 Crop in Alaska

Hibernation Hood - Black Ice, Frosted (Light Blue), Polar, Glacier

Hibernation Hood in Black Ice and Frosted

Limitless Flow Top - White Marble, Black Marble

Limitless Flow Top in White Marble and Black Marble

Bear Claw Tank - Frost, Glacier

Bear Claw Tank in Frost

Features: Padded inside

Frozen Cami - Polar Ice, Mistletoe, Black Ice, Icee

Frozen Cami in Polar Ice (from's instagram live)


Monarch Bra (Nubre) - Glacier, Frost, Black Ice, Polar

Monarch Bra in Frost

Monarch Bra in Glacier

Revolution Bra (Nubre) - Alaska, Frost, North (White/Grey), Polar, Black Ice

Revolution bra in Frost (Left @buffbunny, Right: Randi Kennedy's YT video)

Revolution Bra in Alaska

Revolution Bra in North

Revolution bra in Alaska

Blizzard Zip Up Sports Bra - Polar, Frost, Glacier

Denali Sports Bra (Energy Fabric) - 50 Below, Black Ice, Frost

Denali Sports bra in 50 Below

Denali Sports bra in Black Ice

Denali Sports bra in Frost

McKinley Sports Bra - Glacier, Alaska, Black Ice

Another shot of the Mckinley Sports Bra in Alaska (The colors really do differ based on lighting!)

Juneau Sports Bra (Energy Fabric) - Polar, North, Black Ice, 50 Below

Juneau Bra in Polar

Jade Mesh Sports Bra - Snow Camo, Avant Ice, FrostBite

Jade Mesh bra in Avant Ice (left), Snow Camo (Right)

Jade Mesh bra in Frost Bite

Bear Claw Bra - Polar, Glacier

No idea what this bra is, but it was posted on the official @Buffbunny_collection insta...looks to be a bra version of the bear claw tank?


Teddy Coat - Snowfall (White), Violet Purple, Onyx Black, Inner Compass Burgundy, Arctic Circle Blue

Crushed Velvet Frozen Dress - Icee (Blue), Gold Rush, Mistletoe (green), Black Ice

5th Element Windbreaker - Polar, Gold Nugget, Black Ice, Alpenglow (Pink)

*sorry for the terrible photos! :(

5th Element Windbreaker in Gold Nugget

5th Element Windbreaker in AlpenGlow (from's instagram live)

Features: Has a removable hood, waterproof, can cinch it at the waist

Permafrost Pullover - Polar, Ice Water, Black Ice

Permafrost Pullover in Ice Water, Polar

Features: Has a textured fabric, 3/4 zip

Twilight Pullover - Black Ice, Stone Cold, Fools Gold, Spine

As always, I will constantly be updating this list, so stay tuned and make sure to subscribe to this blog by registering your email or shooting me a form in the contact area and follow my facebook page!

Happy Hunting! Happy Shopping! Happy Saving!

Caly Out!

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