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Buffbunny July Launch Guide: Bloom Collection

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Hello my lovelies!

As you already know...Buffbunny announced their July launch a couple days ago! Their upcoming launch is called the Bloom Collection, and they’ve already dropped a ton of juicy details about what will be available - personally, I am obsessed with that rainwater blue color! As always, I’ll be updating this launch guide and I’d appreciate any support from folks who like these activewear launch guides!

I’ll also be uploading the planning spreadsheet whenever prices come out, so stay tuned to my FB page or bookmark this page!

The Planning Spreadsheet is out! Linked here

Update 7/8/2021: With the behind the scenes into the collection, all items + colorways in their youtube video, linked below, however, the game changer bag may be delayed according to Heidi.

Without any further ado, let’s get into it!

Launch details:

July 17th, 2021





@kathrynm_fit - KATHRYN

@alenefit - ALENE

@hannahgarske - HANNAH

@shannon.henry - SHANNON

@ashleykfit - ASHLEYKFIT - TERESA

@kcampfit - KINSEY

@victoriavilla__ - VICTORIA

@megmo_fit - MEGMO

@bblfit - BROOKE

@lively.liz - LIVELYLIZ

@michobabyy - MICHOBABYY

@gabsfit15 - GABBY

@nicholefreedom - NICHOLE

@fitveganchef - NATALIE

@desb__- DESB

@kenahlifts - KENAHLIFTS

@liftliketiff - LIFTLIKETIFF

@sandraa_fit - SANDRA

@getfitwjessics - GETFITWJESSICA

@wokeuplikedez - DEZ @htashup - ASHLEY

@nicci_robinson - GOLDENFIT

@desb - DESB

@kiborman_ - KIANA

@samstartshere - SAMSTARTSHERE

@katieyovin - KATIE

Instagram Live

Felicia Keathley - (CODE: FELICIA)

Kathryn Mueller - (Code: KATHRYN)

Des Pfeifer - (Code: DESB)

Kait Davis - (Quick try on, Code: KAIT)

Caitlynr_fitness - (Try on pics + Q&A, Code: CAITLYN)

Katie Yovin - (Unboxing, Code: KATIE)

Youtube Reviews

Buffbunny Collection Behind the Scene:

Kara Corey Fit Life: (Code: KARA)

Kathryn Mueller - (Code: KATHRYN)

Randi Kennedy - (Code: RANDI)

Felicia Keathley - (Code: FELICIA)

Alene Kennedy - (Code: ALENE)

Divinity Ray - (Code DIVINITYRAY)

Taylor Kessler - (Code: TAYLOR)

Michobabyy - (Code: MICHOBABYY)

Shannon Henry - Code: Shannon)

Color Palettes

Eden Print

Eden Print Pink, Eden Print Grey, Eden Print Green

PC: @buffbunny_collection, @karacoreyfitlife (Code: KARA)


* There are two grays - Charcoal Grey and Quarry Medium Gray

* I think there are three greens - Agave Green, Mojave Mint Green and Prickly Pear, but no stock photos have come out for Prickly Pear yet

Alpha Bra in Ivory, Luna Pocket Leggings in Quarry Medium Gray

Canopy Top and Aloe Leggings in Rainwater Blue and Onyx Black

Monarch Bra in Desert Rose Pink and Legacy Leggings in Charcoal Gray

PC: @buffbunny_collection

Synthesis Crop and Level Up Short in Mojave Mint Green

Botanical Sports Bra in Desert Rose Pink

PC: @buffbunny_collection


Rainforest Crop Top - Black, Prickly Pear, Ivory

PC: @buffbunny_collection, @feliciafitnesshealth (Code: FELICIA), (Code: TERESA)

Canopy Crop Top - Black, Rainwater Blue

PC: @buffbunny_collection

Flora Crop Top - Quarry Medium Grey, Black


PC: @buffbunny_collection

Synthesis Crop Top - Mojave Mint Green, Black, Charcoal Gray


PC: @buffbunny_collection

Stem Tank - Black, Ivory

Nimbus Fabric

PC: @buffbunny_collection

Ivy Crop - Black, Eden Print Grey, Eden Print Pink, Eden Print Mint

Energy Fabric

PC: @feliciafitnesshealth (Code: FELICIA), @buffbunny_collection

PC: @justusleaguefit (CODE: RJFIT), (CODE: TERESA)


Aloe Leggings - Eden Print Green, Rainwater Blue, Black

Energy Fabric - Ruched detailing at the bottom of the leg

PC: (CODE: TERESA), @buffbunny_collection

Siren Leggings - Black, Eden Print Grey, Eden Print Pink, Eden Print Green


PC: @buffbunny_collection

PC: @buffbunny_collection

Rosa Pocket Leggings - Rainwater Blue, Quarry Grey, Black, Agave Green



Legacy Leggings - Rainwater Blue, Charcoal Gray, Black, Agave Green



Legacy Biker Shorts - Desert Rose Pink, Rainwater Blue, Charcoal Grey, Black

Nubre, 7" inseam


Bonsai Biker Short - Agave Green, Black, Rainwater Blue

Nubre, 8" inseam

PC: @karacoreyfitlife (Code: KARA)

Level Up Shorts - Black, Ivory, Mojave Mint Green, Desert Rose Pink, Rainwater Blue

PC: @buffbunny_collection, @feliciafitnesshealth (Code: FELICIA)

Succulent Skort - Black, Agave Green

4" inner short, 12" total length

PC: @karacoreyfitlife (Code: KARA)

PC: @kathrynm_fit (Code: KATHRYN)

Cellular Skort - Ivory, Rainwater Blue, Black

PC: Buffbunny Collection

PC: @karacoreyfitlife (Code: KARA)

PC: @justusleaguefit (Code: RJFIT)

Sports Bras

Monarch Bra - Desert Rose Pink, Black, Rainwater Blue, Agave Green

PC: @buffbunny_collection

Botanical Sports Bra - Agave Green, Rainwater Blue, Desert Rose Pink, Black


PC: @feliciafitnesshealth (Code: FELICIA)

Alpha Bra - Rainwater Blue, Mojave Mint Green, Charcoal Grey, Black, Ivory, Agave Green


PC: @buffbunny_collection

PC: @buffbunny_collection

Aloe Sports Bra - Eden Print Green, Eden Print Pink, Eden Print Grey, Black


Pc: @buffbunny, @karacoreyfitlife (Code: KARA)

PC: @kelly.lenahan (Code: KEL)


Bio Bodysuit - Black, Agave Green



PC: @karacoreyfitlife (Code: KARA)

Vine Bodysuit - Black, Eden Print Grey




Spice Jacket - Agave Green, Rainwater Blue, Black, Ivory

PC: @feliciafitnesshealth (Code: FELICIA)

Green Thumb Jacket - Black, Eden Print Green, Eden Print Pink


PC: @karacoreyfitlife (Code: KARA)


Gamechanger Bag - Olive Green

Scrunchies - Eden Print Grey, Eden Print Pink, Eden Print Green, Rainwater Blue

PC: (Code: TERESA)

Hairbands - Eden Print Grey, Eden Print Pink, Eden Print Green, Rainwater Blue

As always, I hope this is helpful and I'll be continuously updating this post as more information comes out! Happy shopping!

Caly, out!

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