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Buffbunny Let’s Get Toned Launch Guide: Your One-Stop Guide to All the Details!

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Hello my lovelies!

I hope everyone had a wonderful new year! With the new year, we inevitably get into all the new years releases by different brands! So far, Balance Athletica has had their newest Atmos launch, Alphalete has been teasing some new items, and Buffbunny, the star of our post, has announced a new collection:

Let’s Get Toned

Their new collection is self-declared to be 80s themed, and will be dropping on Saturday, January 30th 1 PM CST.

Launch Details

Saturday, January 30th, 2021




There hasn’t been too much information released yet -- as the drop date was only released yesterday, on January 18th. However, that won’t stop me! They’ve already been dropping teaser photos of items which is time to make this launch guide! As always, I will be updating this launch guide as more reviews and details come out! Without any further ado, let's get cracking on these items!

As always, I am not affiliated with Buffbunny Collection at all (sadly :( ), but I have included the affiliate codes for some lovely Buffbunny athletes if you would like to support them! I will also be updating the youtube review list, should any of the athletes do youtube reviews prior to the launch!


I have decided to try experimenting with a more "tl;dr" option for these launch guides. I know it can be tiring scrolling through this entire post of pictures + items, so to make things even more organized for our ladies on the go - I've made this spreadsheet with all the items + colors they will be coming in (which are colorcoded!). You can filter based on the color column to see which items will be releasing in which colorways. The downside is that you won't be able to see the pictures of the items, so I would say - use the spreadsheet as a reference but continue to stay updated with the photos of the items!

* Filter by color by clicking on that little green button and selecting the colors you want!

The link to the spreadsheet guide is here!

I will be adding prices once Buffbunny releases them, so you can also use it as a shopping/budgeting guide!


@kathrynm_fit - KATHRYN

@alenefit - ALENE

@hannahgarske - HANNAH

@shannon.henry - SHANNON

@ashleykfit - ASHLEYKFIT - TERESA

@jessikacarmen - JESSIKA

@aubrieb - AUBRIE

@kcampfit - KINSEY

@victoriavilla__ - VICTORIA

@megmo_fit - MEGMO

@bblfit - BROOKE

@lively.liz - LIVELYLIZ

@michobabyy - MICHOBABYY

@gabsfit15 - GABBY

@nicci_robinson - GOLDENFIT

@nicholefreedom - NICHOLE

@fitveganchef - NATALIE

@gemzape - GEM

@desb__- DESB

@kenahlifts - KENAHLIFTS

@madiditler - MADDI

@liftliketiff - LIFTLIKETIFF

@sandraa_fit - SANDRA

@getfitwjessics - GETFITWJESSICA

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Felicia Keathley (Felicia Fitness Health) - Review (Support Code: FELICIA)

Desiree Mize - Review (Support Code: DEZ)

Gabrielle Tongol - Game Changer Duffel Review (Support Code: GABS)

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The Colors!


Material Girl Legging - Nude, Onyx, Royal, Bliss, Dark Grey

Material Girl Crop - Nude, Onyx, Royal, White, Bliss, Off-white

PC: @buffbunny_collection

PC: @gabrielletongol

* Ribbed Fabric - this is different from the Supply/Demand


Limitless Pocket Legging - Citrus Peach, Citrus Blue, Citrus Green

PC: @buffbunny_collection

Spin Legging - Onyx, Journey, Total Eclipse, Atari, Vogue, Purple Rain, Guns n Roses

PC: @buffbunny_collection (Journey)

PC: @buffbunny_collection (Total Eclipse)

PC: @gabrielletongol (Total Eclipse - L), @buffbunny_collection (Atari - R)

PC: @karacoreyfitlife (Purple Rain)

* Perform Fabric (nylon/spandex blend) no front seam

Spin Shorts (4 in inseam) - Atari, Total Eclipse, Bowie (Peach), Vogue (Grey), Onyx

PC: @gabrielletongol (Atari)

PC: @feliciafitnesshealth (Total Eclipse)

PC: @kelly.lenahan (Bowie)

* Spandex at the bottom of the shorts to keep them from rolling, 74% Nylon, 26% Spandex, Roughly a 4 inch inseam

Step Up Legging - Journey, Vogue (Grey), Onyx (Black), Guns n Roses

PC: @buffbunny_collection (Journey)

PC: @feliciafitnesshealth (Vogue)

PC: @buffbunny_collection (Vogue, Atari, Journey)

PC: @buffbunny_collection

* Perform fabric, no front seam, v booty seam, some detailing on the legs

Material Girl Biker Short (9 in inseam) - Bliss, Nude, Onyx, Royal, Dark Grey

PC: @buffbunny_collection

* This is the same ribbed material as the Material Girl Leggings - it looks they will have some pockets!


Aurora Crop Top - Citrus Peach, Citrus Blue, Citrus Green

PC: @buffbunny_collection

Simmons Crop - High Voltage, Onyx, Journey

PC: @buffbunny_collection

Spin Tank - Pretty in Pink

PC: @gabrielletongol

* Full length tank, featuring a mesh panel, high neck and a scooped hem

Stellar Tank - White

PC: @feliciafitnesshealth

* Full length tank

Grapeful Tank - Guns n Roses, Journey, White

PC: @feliciafitnesshealth

PC: @buffbunny_collection

Cycle Top - Onyx, Breakfast Club (Peach), Into the Groove (Light Grey), Total Eclipse

PC: @buffbunny_collection (Breakfast Club)

PC: @karacoreyfitlife (In the Groove)

PC: @nancys_journey (Total Eclipse)

* Built in padding, mesh v detailing and criss cross back

Step Up Crop Top - Lennox (lilac), Pretty in Pink, High Voltage (light green), Guns n Roses (Red)

PC: @buffbunny_collection(Lennox - R, Pretty in Pink - L)

PC: @sandraa_fit (High Voltage - L), @kathrynm_fit (Guns n Roses - R)

* perform fabric (same as outlaw leggings) built in padding, mesh panels

Spin Crop - Dirty Dancing, Guns n Roses, Total Eclipse, Breakfast Club, White, Onyx

@buffbunny_collection (Total Eclipse)

PC: @gabrielletongol

@michobabyy (Total Eclipse - L) ,@lively.liz (Guns n Roses - R)

* the straps are double straps

Two Faced Reversible Crop - Journey, Onyx, High Voltage (Green)

PC: @buffbunny_collection (Journey)

PC: @gabrielletongol (other side of the two-faced crop - Journey)

* White on the far left (L), Black in the Middle (R)

PC: @buffbunny_collection

* Perform fabric (same as the Outlaw Leggings)

Material Girl Ribbed Tank - Nude, Onyx, White, Off-White, Light Grey, Dark Grey

PC: @gabrielletongol

PC: @kassimansfield

* Adjustable straps

Sports Bras

Under Pressure Sports Bra - Atari, Dirty Dancing, Guns n Roses, High Voltage

PC: @buffbunny_collection

PC: @gabrielletongol (Atari on left, Dirty Dancing on Right)

PC: @feliciafitnesshealth (Guns n Roses)

* bra clasp in the back, along with mesh panels and adjustable bras

Asymmetrical Bra - Brown

Namastay Sports Bra - Free Falling, Pretty in Pink, Onyx (Black/White), Purple Rain, Bowie, White

PC: @feliciafitnesshealth (Free Falling)

PC: @terramariekurtz (L - Black and White), @buffbunny_collection (R - Purple Rain)

@kelly.lenahan (Bowie)

Spin Sports Bra - Free Fallin', High Voltage (Light Green), Dirty Dancing, Into the Groove (Grey), Atari, Onyx

@buffbunny_collection (Free Falling)