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Buffbunny Marble Launch: The Ultimate Guide!

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Hello my lovelies!!

It's been a while, but I am back! And guess what else is back...Buffbunny! They will be dropping the Marble Collection, which includes some throw-back pieces to their previous Marble collection, as well as a whole new range of Marble items, as well as their first renewable, eco-friendly line! The launch date/time details are below! Without any further ado, lets get into the launch!

Launch Details

Saturday, April 17th, 2021




As always, I'll be updating this guide as more information comes out, and as always, remember to support some of the lovely ladies working with the Buffbunny team by using their support codes!


@kathrynm_fit - KATHRYN

@alenefit - ALENE

@hannahgarske - HANNAH

@shannon.henry - SHANNON

@ashleykfit - ASHLEYKFIT - TERESA

@jessikacarmen - JESSIKA

@aubrieb - AUBRIE

@kcampfit - KINSEY

@victoriavilla__ - VICTORIA

@megmo_fit - MEGMO

@bblfit - BROOKE

@lively.liz - LIVELYLIZ

@michobabyy - MICHOBABYY

@gabsfit15 - GABBY

@nicholefreedom - NICHOLE

@fitveganchef - NATALIE

@gemzape - GEM

@desb__- DESB

@kenahlifts - KENAHLIFTS

@madiditler - MADDI

@liftliketiff - LIFTLIKETIFF

@sandraa_fit - SANDRA

@getfitwjessics - GETFITWJESSICA

@_juliarene - JULIARENE

@_fitveganchef - NATALIE

Instagram Lives

Gabrielle Tongol - Unboxing (Support Code: GABS)

Felicia Fitness Health - Unboxing (Support Code: FELICIA)

Teresa - Unboxing (Support Code: TERESA)

Kara Corey Fit Life - Part 1 Unboxing, Part 2 Unboxing (Support Code: KARA)

Kassi Mansfield - Unboxing (Support Code: KASSI)

Em Dunc - Unboxing (Support Code: EMILY)

Youtube Reviews

Olivia Ostrom - Review + Try On (Support Code: OLIVIA)

Brooke Leach - Review + Try On (Support Code: BROOKE)

Kara Corey - Review + Try On (Support Code: KARA) <-- The longest, but very very detailed!!

Rachel Price - Review + Try On (Support Code: RACHEL)

Teresa H - Review + Try On (Support Code: TERESA)

Julia Rene - Review + Try On (Support Code: JULIARENE)

Natalie Matthews - Review + Try On (Support Code: NATALIE)

Kathryn Mueller - Review + Try On (Support Code: KATHRYN)

Gabrielle Tongol - Review + Try On (Support Code: GABS)

Rachelle Justus - Review + Try On (Support Code: RJFIT)

Randi Kennedy - Review + Try On (Support Code: RANDI)

Nancy Gonzales - Review + Try On (Support Code: NANCY)

The Colors

The Marble Collection

PC: @buffbunny_collection

All Items in the marble collection are coming in both white and black marble prints!

Limitless Pocket Legging

PC: @buffbunny_collection

Limitless Mock Neck Long Sleeve Top

PC: @buffbunny_collection

Jade Mesh Bra

PC: @buffbunny_collection

Flo Shorts

PC: @buffbunny_collection

Limitless Fitted Jacket

PC: @buffbunny_collection

Limitless Biker Short

Limitless Short

Limitless Flow Top

PC: @buffbunny_collection

Aurora Crop Top

PC: @buffbunny_collection

Game Changer Backpack


Game Changer Zip

Photos TBD

Game Changer Belt Bag

Scrunchies + Headbands

Eco Line Collection

Hybrid Sports Bra - Sapphire, Nearly Natural, Dark Matter (Black), Sea Salt (White), Elements

Hybrid Sports Bra in Nearly Natural

Hybrid Sports Bra in Sapphire

Hybrid Sports Bra in Black

Hybrid Sports Bra in White

Hybrid Legging - Nearly Natural, Elements, Maple (Brown), Dark Matter (Black)

27" inseam

Hybrid Legging in Elements

Hybrid Legging in Maple

Eco Bra - Carbon, Quartz, Sapphire, Nearly Natural

From L to R: Sapphire, Quartz, Nearly Natural

Eco Legging - Elements, Nearly Natural, Sapphire, Carbon (Gray)

25" inseam

Eco Legging in Sapphire

Eco Legging in Nearly Natural

Atomic Top - Nearly Natural, Quartz, Dark Matter, Sapphire

Atomic Top in Quartz (Back (L), Front (R))

Earth Tank - Sapphire, Quartz, Dark Matter

Earth Tank in Sapphire (Back (L), Front (R))

Earth Tank in Quartz

Bio Bodysuit - Nearly Natural, Onyx, White

*Ribbed material

Bio Bodysuit in Nearly Natural

Solar Banded Crop - Sea salt (White), Dark Matter (Black), Maple

Solar Banded Top in Sea Salt

Solar Banded Top in Dark Matter

Botanical Top - Elements, Sea Salt, Nearly Natural, Carbon

Botanical Top in Sea Salt

Botanical Top in Elements

Botanical Top in Nearly Natural (Left)

Lotus Glute Bands - Azul, White Marble, Black Marble

As always, I will constantly be updating this list with the latest information, so stay tuned and make sure to subscribe below to this blog by registering your email or shooting me a form in the contact area and follow my facebook page!

Happy Hunting! Happy Shopping! Happy Saving!

Caly Out!

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