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Top 5 Best Lululemon Legging Look-alikes from Amazon

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

We all love Lululemon...between their best-selling Align leggings made of their buttery-soft Nulu fabric, the classic Luon and Luxtreme Wunder Unders, and the Nulux Fast and Free's, Lululemon has made itself the gold-standard of not only functional, but also fasionable activewear. They have leggings meant for every type of exercise you would want: yoga, running, cross training, lazy lounging? Lululemon's got the piece for you! However, with prices ranging from 60-120 dollars a pair, as much as we'd like to have 20 pairs, sometimes it isn't possible. Fortunately, there is a whole world of Lululemon alternatives that are almost identical for less than half the Lululemon price, all with the benefit of Amazon prime shipping!

Check out or list of the top 5 Lululemon legging look-alikes from Amazon for all your favorite styles!

These leggings have been highly rated by activewear lovers, with the classic seams of the Lululemon align leggings, they not only come in solid colors, but plenty of fun printed patterns like snakeskin, camo and even some holiday themes! It comes with 18 patterns, and 11 solid colors. Their camo offerings are some of the fan favorites!

Another Lululemon Align look-alike, the Crz Yoga Naked Feeling leggings offer the seam contouring of the original Align leggings, which had a double V contour instead of just one. While many Lululemon lovers and collectors spend well above retail price to get the original double V contouring, why spend all that money when you can get a Crz dupe at less than a fourth of the price! Some of the colors also come with the newer single V seam contouring, if you aren't a fan of the double contour.

There are over 22 colors some of which mirror the exact coloring of your Lulu favorites: Dual Shibori, Lunar Rock, Savannah, etc. All colors which sold out quickly and are no longer sold by Lululemon. If you missed out on a previous color and can't find the original, this is the legging for you!

Unlike many of the other sellers on this list, Crz Yoga also sells their align leggings in cropped and full-length versions!

Moving away from the Align look-alikes, Crz Yoga also makes a Fast and Free inspired legging! The Lululemon Fast and Free's are beloved for their high compression, sleek texture, and is favored for running. One of the rarest leggings to find, Crz Yoga provides this dupe in over 26 colors. Like their Align-inspired leggings, many of the colors are hard-to-find discontinued colors from Lululemon that are impossible to get your hands on now. Originally priced at $128 dollars, these dupes will only run you 26 dollars.

They've managed to keep up even the smallest details from the original Fast and Free's like the reflective dots to keep you safe while running at night. The main difference between Crz Yoga Leggings and the originals are the pockets in the waist-band. The originals has several waistband pockets, which the Crz dupe has foregone, and the reflective dots are on the outside of the leg in the originals, while they are on the inside of the leg on the Crz Yoga Version. Other than these minor differences, these are a dead ringer for the Fast and Free's though!

These also come in cropped length (19 inch inseam), linked below!

Another extremely popular Lululemon legging, the All the Right Places, fondly abbreviated as ATRPs, are also notoriously difficult to find and there are few similar leggings out there, and the originals cost a whooping $118. These Hopgo leggings are a dead-ringer for the ATRP's though, with the classic double seams running up the outer calves, and flattering booty contour. Running a bit shorter than the original ATRP's, these Hopgo leggings have a 24 inch inseam.

The Train Times Legging was a long-time Lululemon staple, that has only been recently discontinued. Featuring an artful mesh panel, it offered breathability and style. However, given its discontinued status, Crz Yoga (noticing a trend here?) offers a very similar dupe. The only difference between this dupe and the original is a zipper pocket in the waistband.

I hope this list has been useful for finding look-alikes for some of your favorite lululemon styles!

If you are interested in a full list of all the alternatives that look just like the original that I’ve found for different brands (Lululemon, Gymshark, Balance Athletica, and so much more!) Make sure to check these posts:

Happy Hunting! Happy Shopping! Happy Saving!

Caly Out!

Note: this post may contain affiliate links and calys fit finds may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them.

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