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AliExpress Items and Sellers (like Nepoagym) on Amazon!

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Lately, AliExpress has become all the rage among activewear lovers looking for either dupes for activewear brands like Lululemon or Gymshark, or the authentic item from companies that drop ship from AliExpress sellers, like Paragon Fitwear, Flexxfit, or MuseOnlyYoga. However, the downside of Aliexpress is the extensive shipping time. Especially in the current COVID-19 pandemic, shipping from China takes longer than ever, with some buyers receiving their items 2 months later, or occasionally not at all.

While AliExpress has excellent customer service and will refund those who don't receive their items, we sometimes want the good ol' reliability of Amazon. In the past, many of the items sold on AliExpress didn't make their way over to Amazon, but I am pleased to say that some very well known items from AliExpress stores like Nepoagym and Shinbene (formerly known as ColorValue) are now available from Amazon with the benefits of Prime shipping and free returns! Without any further ado, lets go into which of your favorite AliExpress items are now available via Amazon!

These are now available under the Amazon seller, Lavento, however only some colors have Prime shipping and returns currently - Black, Light Cyan, Celestial Blue, Light Gray, Taupe, Midnight Blue and Purple Grey. Hopefully the other colors will be updated with Prime shipping soon though!

Price Comparison (as of time of writing)

Nepoagym Rhythm Leggings ($21.92):

ShinBene/ColorValue 3.0 Leggings ($22.72):

Lavento Leggings ($23.99):

These shorts are also available from Lavento on Amazon as well! They have been highly reviewed by various youtubers from the Nepoagym AliExpress store, they do run small, so you may want to size up! There are several shorts in the same listing of different styles, the ones which correlate to the SPEEDUP shorts are under the colors Black, Lavender Gray, Teal, and Baby Blue.

Price Comparison (as of time of writing)

Nepoagym SPEEDUP shorts ($21.99):

Lavento Shorts ($20.99):

These are available with prime shipping in all the colors provided on Amazon, although some sizes and colors may be sold out. The only pattern not available from Amazon is the flower pattern which Nepoagym provides.

Price Comparison (as of time writing)

Nepoagym PULSE high waisted shorts ($20.69):

Lavento 3" Workout Shorts ($17.99):

This top is versatile and provides light support, with built-in cup pads. It is sold by several AliExpress sellers, including ColorValue and Mermaid Curve store, but Lemedy on Amazon also sells the same top, without the hassle of waiting for shipping!

Depending on the color, the Amazon seller (Lemedy), may or may not have it available for prime delivery, and the prices can fluctuate. However, they periodically cycle through which colors and sizes are available, so it is always good to keep coming back to check! Lemedy does not have some of the newer colors produced by Shinbene, most notably, the Turmeric and Quicksand Powder colors.

Another Amazon seller is Arlumi, but they only provide four colors: Light Gray, Rose Red, Blue and Black, albeit, at a slightly lower price than Lemedy, depending on the color.

Price Comparison (as of time writing)

ShinBene/ColorValue Price ($16.59):

Mermaid Curve Price ($13.90): (note, there are limited color options from the Mermaid Curve store)

Lemedy Amazon Price ($19.99 - 23.99):

Arlumi Amazon Price ($20.98):

These lightweight hiking shorts are also available via Lavento, with very comparable prices, given how much more convenient Amazon makes shipping and returns!

Price Comparison (as of time writing)

ShinBene/ColorValue Price ($18.69):

Lemedy Amazon Price ($19.99):

This high-impact sports bra is available from As Rose Rich, a lesser known Amazon seller, but still just as reliable, the provide the Nepoagym Breathe bra, at essentially the same price as Nepoagym sells on AliExpress.

Lianshp also sells the same AliExpress bra, although they seem to generally have less stock than As Rose Rich, but it is always good to check on both for price changes + more available sizes!

Update (6/7/2020): I've found that there are actually a ton of Amazon sellers for this bra, so I've been updating the list of Amazon sellers for this particular item!

Price Comparison (as of time writing)

As Rose Rich Amazon Price ($20.99): Lianship Amazon Price ($19.99):

Redquenting Amazon Price ($20.99):

I hope this list is helpful to those who love both AliExpress and Amazon! I'll continue to be updating the master list of Amazon dupes, and I'll begin a new tab on the Amazon list for these Aliexpress/Amazon crossovers!

If you are interested in the full master list of all the dupes I’ve found for different brands (Lululemon, Gymshark, Balance Athletica, and so much more!) Make sure to check out these posts:

Happy Hunting! Happy Shopping! Happy Saving!

Caly Out,

Note: Some links provided in this post are affiliate links and give a small commission when used to support the running of this site!

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