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Alphalete Launch Guide: Surface Path Returns and More!

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Updated 10/6/2020: Now updated with all the colorways for the different items! Photos to come!

Updated 10/9/2020: A ton of alphalete athlete youtube reviews, as well as pricing! - Pricing is based on

Hello my lovelies!!

Release Date: October 10th

Drop Time: 10 AM CST

Alphalete has dropped their latest collection release date! They seem to still be on the Camo trend, as a huge number of Camo pieces in all different colors are dropping, as well as bringing back the Surface Path leggings, with a twist! As always, I have all the affiliates that I know of listed below, in case you want to support any of these wonderful athletes, as well as their youtube review links!


@oliviarosefit - OLIVIAROSE

@gabbyschey - GABBY

@_ashmadison - ASHMADISON

@allybesse - ALLY

@wiktoriaryczko - WIKTORIA

@emilyhayden - EMILYHAYDEN

@__jazzyfit - JAZZY

@caroline_omahony - CAROLINE

@brooklynhillfit - BROOKLYN

Youtube Reviews

Randi Kennedy - *no squat testing*

Launch Overview


Colorways for the Surface Path Bottoms

Silver Camo, Delta Blue Camo, Sage

Dark Olive Camo, Sage, Moroccan Blue (far left)

Surface Power Leggings - Silver Camo, Dark Olive Camo, Delta Blue Camo, Sage, Morocan Blue, Hazelwood - $64 USD

* Waistband has been adjusted to be looser, no front seam, may sit lower than the older surface path (sit below the belly button, high/midrise, more likely to slide down), side seams

The Surface power leggings have been modified from the past to have no front seam as well as extra seams, which I expect is to contour the glutes!

Hazelwood, Dark Olive Camo, Silver Camo

Moroccan Blue, Sage

Surface Power Shorts - Silver Camo, Dark Olive Camo, Morocan Blue, Hazelwood - $46 USD

* 3.5 inch inseam shorts, may not suit taller ladies if you aren't comfortable with very short shorts! I also noticed in a lot of the video reviews, there was gaping at the back of the legs, suggesting that the proportions may be off


Colorways for the Signature Short Sleeve Crop

Black, Golden Hour, and Canteen

White, Hunter Green

Signature Crop Tee *More fitted* - Marina (Blue), White, Golden Hour (yellow), Canteen (brown), Hunter Green, Black - $28 USD

*The logo on the white shirts and black will be smaller than on other shirts on off centered to the left!

Colorways for the Signature Long Sleeve Crop

Purple Haze, Black

Signature Long Sleeve Crop - Black, White, Muted Maroon, Muted Blue Purple Haze

*The logo on the white shirts and black will be smaller than on other shirts on off centered to the left!


Green, Blue, White Camo

Surface Infinity Bra - Silver Camo, Sage, Dark Olive Camo, Moroccan Blue - $42 USD

*Low impact bra

Hazelwood, Dark Olive Camo

Surface Limitless Bra - Hazelwood, Delta Blue Camo, Dark Olive Camo, Silver Camo - $42 USD

*Low impact bra


Surface Headband - Dark Olive Camo, Hazelwood, Moroccan Blue, Sage, Delta Blue Camo - $12 USD

Scrunchies - Dark Olive Camo, Hazelwood, Moroccan Blue, Sage, Silver camo, Delta Blue Camo - $8 USD

Hope this launch list is helpful! As always, it will be constantly updating, so check back in! Make sure to subscribe to this blog by registering your email or shooting me a form in the contact area and follow my facebook page!

Happy Hunting! Happy Shopping! Happy Saving!

Caly Out!

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