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One Stop Activewear Release Guide: August Activewear Launches

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Hello my lovelies!

There are a TON of releases coming up from major activewear brands in August, which is super exciting, but also super painful for the wallet. Since it can be hard to keep track of everything, here is your one-stop-shop for all the upcoming releases!

I don’t have all the photos for all the items, since they haven’t all been released, but you should always make sure to follow all of these instagram brand’s accounts + I’ll keep updating this post with more photos as more information like pricing + new items/colors!

I've also added the instagram + support codes for any affiliates that I am aware of - they'll likely be releasing more information + reviews on items for upcoming releases so make sure to follow them on their socials and support them with their codes!

Any items with a * are new releases! Any videos with * are ones that I think do really good reviews!

To stay updated on when I add things to this post, make sure to follow my Facebook Page and subscribe to this blog!


Release Date: August 22nd, 2020

Time of Drop:

11 am PST

12 pm MST

1 pm CST

2 pm EST


@kathrynm_fit - KATHRYN

@alenefit - ALENE

@hannahgarske - HANNAH

@terramariekurtz - TERRA

@shannon.henry - SHANNON

@aubrieb - AUBRIE

@michobabyy - MICHOBABYY

Youtube Reviews:

Gabrielle Tongol (Review of the lux Game Changer tote + wallet) -

Gabriella Rodriguez (Full review) -

Gabrielle Tongol (Full Review) -


From left to right: Legacy leggings in Bossy Print, PC: @justusleaguefit, Elle Woods, PC: @rachell_price, Business Blue, PC: @buffbunny_collection

Legacy leggings (Nubre fabric)* - Business blue, Black, Bossy Print, Elle Woods (pink)

Dreamy Leggings in Charcoal, PC: @KaraCoreyFitLift YT

Dreamy leggings (no front seam)* - Spicy (Red) , onyx, business blue, charcoal

Executive pocket short in Excel, PC: @gemzape

Executive pocket shorts* - onyx, Excel (Green), CEO (navy blue)

Demand leggings in Glow Up, PC: @rachell_price

Demand leggings (ribbed)* - Glow up (Yellow), Onyx, Equality (Wine)


Alpha Bra in Excel, PC: @buffbunny_collection and in onyx PC: @heyitsarelig

Alpha bra* - Onyx, Excel (Green), Blue

Maraschino Bra in CEO, PC: @justusleaguefit

Maraschino Bra - Glow up (Yellow), CEO (navy blue), Excel (Green), Glow Up (Yellow)

Revolution bra in Excel, PC: @buffbunny_collection

Revolution bra - Excel (Green) , Blue, Bossy Print, Onyx

Resource bra in Charcoal, PC: @hannahgarske

Resource bra* - Spicy (Red) , Charcoal, Business Blue


Knotty crop in Skyrise, PC: @KaraCoreyFitLift YT

Knotty crop - Skyrise, Asphalt (grey)

Empire Top in black, PC: @KaraCoreyFitLift YT

Empire top (Flowy tank)* - white, black

Timeless top in White, PC: @buffbunny_collection

Timeless Top* - White

Supply Crop Top in Glow Up, PC: @buffbunny_collection

Supply crop top (ribbed, padded)* - Glow Up (Yellow), Equality (Wine)

Heart on your Sleeve Top (Long Sleeve) - White

Power Hoodie in Excel, PC: @KaraCoreyFitLift YT

Power Hoodie - Excel, Glow Up


Confidential Sets, PC: @buffbunny_collection

Confidential Leggings* - Top Secret (grey), Classified (red), NDA (purple)

Confidential Crop* - Top Secret (grey), Classified (red), NDA (purple)

Pullover and shorts (not sure of name yet), PC: @feliciafitnesshealth

Goal Digger Hoodie - pink, Business Blue, CEO (Navy Blue)

Goal Digger Shorts - pink, Business Blue, CEO (Navy Blue)


VP Pants and boss blazer, PC: @buffbunny

VP pants* - Black

Boss blazer* - Black


Lux game changer bag - black, teal/blue

Game changer Wallet - black, teal/blue


Illusion Set in White, PC: @buffbunny_collection

Illusion Set - Black and White


Release Date: August 22nd, 2020

Time of Drop:

7 am PST

8 am MST

9 am CST

10 am EST


Youtube Reviews:


Not only is NVGTN doing a large release of new items + colors, they are also doing a restock of a lot of their fan favorites!!


Seamless legging in sage green, PC: @nvgtn

Seamless Leggings (There will be three new colors!) - Sage Green, Sunset Orange, Coral

Restocks: Black Speckled, Fuschia, Hot Pink, Pastel Pink, Slate Blue, Violet , Khako Green, Electric Blue, Brey contour, Lilac, Forest Green, Sky Blue, Crimson, Royale

Pro Shorts, PC: @nvgtn

Fuschia Pro Shorts, PC: @nvgtn

Pro Shorts - Fuschia, Slate Blue, Lilac, Forest Green, Sky Blue, Aqua, Grey ($30)

Curve Leggings (no side contour) - grey, khaki , crimson, royale

restocking - slate blue

NV Leggings (no contouring at all) - sky blue, lilac, forest green

Restocking - Black Speckled, Grey

Signature Leggings - canary yellow, turquoise, hibiscus,

Restock - burgundy, mist, magenta, true black

Joggers - Steel Blue, Lilac

Restock: jet black, ruby red, sea foam, olive cloud grey, silver mist

Lounge shorts - light grey

Relaxed Lifestyle joggers - light grey, charcoal


Open Back Tees - Coral, White

Restock: black, aqua

OG Tank - Baby Blue, Wild Berry

Restock - White, Black, Heather Grey, Red Violet

Henna seamless long sleeve top - white


Essence Bra - White, Hibiscus

Restock - black, mist

Trio bra - nude pink

Restock - black mauve, white


Midi Tank Dress - charcoal ribbed, light grey


Crossbody tee - Black, White, dusty rose

Crossbody long sleeve - black

Flow Tank - white, black

Allure bra - Monaco Purple, black, Capri blue, white

Paragon Fitwear

Release Date: August 18th, 2020

Time of Drop:

11 PM PST (Early Access), 12 PM (Public Launch)

12 PM MST (Early Access), 1 PM (Public Launch)

1 PM CST (Early Access), 2 PM (Public Launch)

2 PM EST (Early Access), 3 PM (Public Launch)

Paragon Fitwear is also have a small release this month, with their best selling Colombia Crop top and Luxora Leggings available immediately to ship, and a new style, the Wrap Bike Short available for preorder!

Hope this is useful for everyone! I'll be updating it as new brands, new items + more instagram/youtube reviews come in closer to the launch date!


Already Launched!


Release Date: August 15th

Time of Drop:

8 am PST

9 am MST

10 am CST

11 am EST


@oliviarosefit - OLIVIAROSE

@gabbyschey - GABBY

@_ashmadison - ASHMADISON

@wiktoriaryczko - WIKTORIA

@emilyhayden - EMILYHAYDEN

@__jazzyfit - JAZZY

@caroline_omahony - CAROLINE

@brooklynhillfit - BROOKLYN

Review Videos:

Overall Spread


All OG Revival Colors, PC: @belafernandez (color may have been distorted a bit by a filter/camera)

OG Revival Leggings - Atlantis Blue, Palace Blue, Paradise Pink, Sea Pebble (Charcoal Grey), Jade Green, Violet Sunset (mauve), Shark Grey

OG Biker Shorts in Palace Blue, PC: @oliviarosefit

OG Biker Shorts (Revival Material) - Palace Blue, Jade Green, Violet Sunset, Sea Pebble

Alphalux Pocket Legging in Trident, PC: Alle Besse Youtube

Alphalux Pocket Legging - Trident (Navy Blue), Palace Blue, Lava Red, Shark Grey

Left to right, essential leggings in maroon, PC: @alphalete, Shark grey, PC: Alle Besse Youtube

Alphalux Essential Legging (no front seam or pockets) * - Shark Grey, Jade Green, Atlantis Blue, Maroon, Black, Sparrow

Varsity Joggers PC: @alphalete

Varsity Jogger* - Stone Grey, Black, Purple

Active shorts in Grey, PC: Alle Besse Youtube

Active Shorts* - Grey, Mauve (pink), Black, Navy


Seamless Crop (Revival Material) - Jade Green, Palace Blue, Violet Sunset (mauve), Paradise Pink, Sea Pebble (Charcoal Grey), Atlantis Blue, Shark Grey

Alphalux Crop Tank in Pink Sand, PC: Alle Besse Youtube

Alphalux Crop Tank* - Pink Sand

Crop Tank in Black, PC: Alle Besse Youtube

Crop Tank (Basic cropped tank) - Black, White

Ultra Soft Signature Tank in Yellow - PC: @alphalete

Ultra Soft Signature Tank (new script logo)* - Black, Blue Bell, Red, Yellow, White

Ultra Soft Signature Crop in Yellow - PC: @alphalete

Ultra Soft Signature Crop in White - PC: @alphalete

Ultra Soft Signature Crop* - White, Yellow, Red, Blue Bell, Black

Essential Tank in Galaxy Grey, PC: Alle Besse Youtube

Essential Tank (Full Length Tank)* - Black, Galaxy Grey, White

Essential Crop in Sea Breeze, PC: Alle Besse Youtube

Essential Signature Crop Tee (Loose Cropped T-Shirt)* - Sea Breeze, Sunset/Summer Sun (Yellow), Storm Grey, Pearl White, Black (Blackout), Tidepool (navy), White Stone (White with silver script), Jade Green, RipTide


Elite Bra PC: @alphalete

From left to right: Bazooka Pink, Battle Rocket, PC: Alle Besse Youtube

Alphalux Elite Bra - Bazooka Pink, Formula Red, Smoke Bomb (Grey), Battle Rocket (Light Blue), White Flore (White)

From left to right: Jade Green, Palace Blue, Trident, PC: Alle Besse Youtube

Alphalux Tri Bra - Trident (Navy Blue), Black, Jade Green, Palace Blue, Bazooka Pink

Supreme Bra in Maroon - PC: @alphalete

Supreme Bra* - Maroon, Sparrow, Black

Happy Hunting! Happy Shopping! Happy Saving!

Caly Out!

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