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Honest Reviews: Kamo Fitness Serenity Leggings

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

Hello my lovelies!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful start to 2021! Since my last Buffbunny Launch Guide, I’ve been considering how I can start creating more content for Caly’s Fit Fashion with a more frequent pace! This blog is a blog of passion, rather than a full-time job, which means it can be difficult to balance at times, but I am so so appreciative of everyone who finds my recommendations/reviews useful!

Anyhow! Without any further ado, let’s jump into the main entry of this post! The Kamo Fitness Serenity Leggings! For those who aren’t aware, Kamo Fitness, one of my favorite, affordable activewear companies, recently did a surprise launch of the Serenity Leggings, which is a new fabric and style (You should follow my FB page for launch and sale updates)! Kamo Fitness generously sent me their new products to review for all of you, so obviously, I am here to give you all the nitty gritty details, measurements, and more!

Serenity Leggings in Midnight Navy, Forget Me Not and Black, Kaya Leggings in Tea Leaf Green!

Aside from the new Serenity Leggings, they have re-released the Ellyn High Neck Crop Tank in Black (Amazon, Kamo Fitness) and Ellyn Crop (Amazon, Kamo Fitness), as well Kaya Leggings in a beautiful Tea Leaf Green (Amazon, Kamo Fitness), all of which I’ve previously reviewed here in my review of their last launch, in new colorways!

Ellyn Tank in Midnight Navy, Forget Me Not

The Ellyn High Neck Crop Tank is literally my favorite top recently, so would highly recommend picking it up in black! It is such a staple piece! I personally grabbed an extra one as soon as the website opened up :)

Serenity Leggings Review (Kamo Fitness, Amazon)

Serenity Leggings in Midnight Navy, Forget Me Not and Black (Photos of Fudge are below!)

The TL;DR review

* I decided to do a quick tl'dr section, since I know sometimes I go into too much detail with my reviews! Here is a quick summary of everything but I still highly recommend reading through the whole review

Fabric? - more brushed/performance/thicker version of the Solid Ellyn Leggings, but not as dense as the Tie Dye Ellyns

Sizing? - True to size if you don't love tight waistbands, due to the tapered nature of the waist, but if you prefer a more compressive fit, sizing down should be doable! I had a bit of extra fabric around the knees and ankles for me (my measurements are down below)

Cameltoe? - None for me

Squatproofness? - Definitely squatproof, but it does show underwear lines

Booty Seam? - Has the V contouring (5.75" drop), but it isn't as deep as the Solid Ellyns, but is deeper than the Kaya Leggings

Serenity Leggings in Forget Me Not (Wearing a size small! The bra is the Kaya Bra from Kamo Fitness as well!)

Serenity Leggings in Fudge

The Serenity leggings are composed of 75% Nylon, 25% Spandex, and have no front seam!! I would say that these are my favorite fabric formulation from Kamo Fitness so far. It has the stretchiness of the Solid Ellyn Leggings, but is a tad thicker, making it a happy medium between the Solid Ellyns which are slippery soft and thin, and the Tie Dye Ellyns, which are thicker and more compressive. I would also say that the Serenity Leggings are softer than the Tie Dye Ellyns, while still being a brushed-feel fabric. They do pick up lint/fuzz/hair quite easily, due to their nature as a brushed fabric, so be aware! Additionally, I did find that they were a bit loose around my knees and ankles, as you can see from the photos. My measurements are:

26-27" waist

37" glutes


If you tend to be on the lower end of a size small, or prefer to have a more compressive fit, I would recommend sizing down. However, I would consider that it was true to size for me, as I didn't want the waistband to be too tight, since Kamo Fitness has that lovely snatched waistband, but I definitely feel like I could have fit in an XS, which would have gotten rid of some of the extra fabric.

In terms of the no front seam gusset crotch, they used a similar gusset crotch as the Kaya leggings, and I had no issues with camel-toe, even when I made sure to pull up the leggings. I did have a bit of the waistband sliding down for around an inch or two after my workout was complete. A bit of sliding doesn't bother me, but I may order an XS just to test it out if it is a better fit!


I especially tested the squat-proofness of the Forget Me Not color, as it is such a light color and I was quite worried they wouldn't be squat-proof, but they were totally squat-proof on me! You can definitely see underwear lines if you aren't wearing a thong or seamless underwear though. Fudge was also squat-proof! I have found all of the Kamo Fitness leggings which I have (The December releases and black tie-dye, to be squat-proof!)


Those of you familiar with my reviews, also know that I love numbers and being precise about my reviews, so I always do measurements of the pieces I am reviewing! This hasn't changed, so here are the cold, hard numbers!

Top Waistband: 9.75"

Tapers from 12.5" to 9.75"

Inseam: 25" (precisely as they stated!)

Booty Seam Drop: 5.75 "

How does it Compare with the Ellyn/Kaya Leggings?

Now, as to why measurements are important, it is so that we can compare! As I mentioned before, the fabric of the Serenity Leggings are a thicker, more performance version of the Solid Ellyn Leggings, but less compressive and brushed than the Tie Dye Ellyn's, and completely different from the slick performance feel of the Kaya Leggings. However, the fabric isn't the only difference!

The Ellyn leggings have the deepest booty contour V seam out of all of Kamo Fitness' leggings. It features a 6.5" V seam, whereas the Kaya has a 5" inseam. The Serenity leggings have a 5.75" drop, putting it at a happy medium! I personally found this booty contour the most flattering of all the Kamo Fitness leggings, as my booty isn't always in the peachiest condition where the 6.5" drop on the Ellyn leggings would be the most flattering.

For a visual comparison, here is a photo of all the different Kamo Fitness Leggings side by side! I've added some straight lines which start from the bottom of the V to give some relative context.

The waistbands between the Serenity and the Ellyn leggings are also slightly different, the Serenity leggings are a smidge larger than the Ellyn leggings which are the same size, which is why I may have been able to size down in the Serenity leggings vs. the Ellyn. There is about .25" inches all around where the Serenity runs a bit larger than the Ellyn, as you can see below. The waistband itself doesn't taper as drastically either!

Overall Thoughts?

I love, love, love! The new Serenity Leggings. The fabric is the best combination between performance and comfortable enough for everyday wear. The fit is also extremely flattering on the booty, and no cameltoe and squatproof leggings mean that they aren't only cute, but functional!

I hope this review was helpful! If you want to stay updated with all the latest dupes, releases, reviews and...general tea, make sure to subscribe to this blog by registering your email or shooting me a form in the contact area and follow my facebook page! I'm always eager to find dupes + discover new brands and review some oldies!

Caly Out!


Note: This post may contain affiliate links from Amazon


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