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One-Stop Guide for Activewear Launches: September 2020 Edition!

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Hi my lovelies!

I know I’ve been absent for part of August with updates on this blog, but I am back and ready to get writing and reviewing! August was a huge launch month for Buffbunny, Gymshark and NVGTN. However...just when we though that we were done with the insane number of launches, Buffbunny and Alphalete have ALREADY begun teasing some upcoming collections. We have a confirmed September Alphalete release, but the Buffbunny release date for the items they have been teasing hasn’t been publicized yet.

Regardless, these new launches mean that it is a time for another one-stop activewear release guide for September! Like the last guide, I’ll be updating this post with more photos + items as more information for launches come out, like pricing + new items/colors + video reviews! I'm not always 100% sure what colors will be out, so anything with a (?) isn't confirmed by either the athletes or alphalete.

I've also added the instagram + support codes for any affiliates that I am aware of - they'll likely be releasing more information + reviews on items for upcoming releases so make sure to follow them on their socials and support them with their codes!

Any items with a * are new releases! Any videos with * are ones that I think do really good reviews!

To stay updated on when I add things to this post, make sure to follow my Facebook Page and subscribe to this blog!

Kamo Fitness

Release Date: September 10th

Kamo Fitness is definitely an Amazon favorite for leopard print leggings. They are dropping a shorts version of their leggings, which feature a deep V booty contour, very similar to that of Balance Athletica. I don't have an exact drop time, but you can check out either their Amazon storefront or their personal website here!


Release Date: September 11th

Time of Drop:

12 pm PST

1 pm MST

2 pm CST

3 pm EST

TilYouCollapse is staying on trend with an animal print release! All their items will be in the Effortless fabric, which TYC says is a "buttery-soft, lightweight, second-skin" feeling fabric,


For those unfamiliar with how TilYouCollapse works, they have several classic styles, which they stick to, and the new releases will be new patterns for some of those classic leggings! Since I wasn't able to get a good shot of the leggings in the pattern, I've added photos of what the style looks like. The patterns will be the ones you see in the photo above! For those who missed out on the Balance Athletica Kingdom collection Python leggings, the TYC pattern is a pretty close dupe!

*These are essentially the same as the Classic leggings, but with a booty scrunch, think Echt Apparel Scrunch Leggings

Scrunch Leggings - Zebra, White Cobra

*These are very similar to aligns, with a V booty seam and elongated gusset

Classic Leggings - Black Leopard

* These are the same pattern wise as Lululemon All the Right Places

Heart Booty - Sunset Leopard


Stealth Bra - White Cobra

*This open back style of bra reminds me of several Bras in the past from the Buffbunny Collection - the Catalina Bra + their most recent Resource Bra. If you are into the open back bra style, it looks like it could be for you!

Sahara Bra - Zebra

Mystic Bra - Black Leopard

*The back of this bra reminds me a lot of the Alphalete Elite bras and NVGTN Matrix bras with the criss cross detailing

Ferocity Bra - Sunset Leopard

If you love these patterns, but don't want to wait for the launch or aren't a fan of the particular style they are coming in, these patterns are actually available already on TYC's website, but in different styles - The white cobra and Black Leopard patterns are available in the Heart Booty style, the Sunset Leopard and White Cobra in the Classic style, the Sunset Leopard and Black Leopard in the scrunch leggings style.


Release Date: September 12th

Time of Drop:

8 am PST

9 am MST

10 am CST

11 am EST


@oliviarosefit - OLIVIAROSE

@gabbyschey - GABBY

@_ashmadison - ASHMADISON

@allybesse - ALLY

@wiktoriaryczko - WIKTORIA

@emilyhayden - EMILYHAYDEN

@__jazzyfit - JAZZY

@caroline_omahony - CAROLINE

@brooklynhillfit - BROOKLYN

Youtube Reviews

Ally Besse - (all colors + items)


Premium V-Neck in Trident Blue - PC: @alphalete

Premium V-Neck - Trident Blue, White, Black, and Midnight Navy

Signature Performance Cropped Hoodie in Nova Blue, PC: Amy Victoria YT

Signature Performance Cropped Hoodie - Nova Blue, Raven, Joshua Tree (taupe color), Burgundy

Signature Performance Full Length Hoodie in Black, PC: Amy Victoria YT

Signature Performance - Full Length Hoodie - Nova Blue, Raven, Joshua Tree (taupe color), Burgundy, Black

Seamless Sets releasing in Shark Grey, Sea Pebble and Atlantis Blue - PC: @alphalete

Seamless Jacket (Cropped Zip) - Atlantis Blue, Shark Grey, Sea Pebble

Cropped Tee - Summer Sun (yellow), Black, Midnight Navy, Dark Grey (? name unknown)

Premium V-Neck, Crop Top and Premium Tank in Midnight Navy- PC: @alphalete

Premium Tank - Summer Sun (yellow), Black, Midnight Navy, White, Light Grey (? name unknown)


Revival R6 Seamless Shorts in Shark Grey and Paradise Pink, PC: Amy Victoria YT

Revival R6 Seamless Shorts - Atlantis Blue, Shark Grey, Paradise Pink, Sea Pebble

Women's Essential Joggers - Black, Graphite (Grey), Sapphire (Dark Blue)

* It is recommended to Size UP in these, unless you want your joggers to be a skin-tight feeling


Revival Bra - Atlantis Blue, Shark Grey, Sea Pebble, Palace Blue, Violet Sunset

Balance Athletica - Midnight Collection

September 15th, 2020

So this launch/release came as a huge surprise to me, but Balance Athletica dropped three pieces in the midnight collection, which is meant to be a staple collection. They released the Isla Bra, Rider Shorts, and the "Tenacity Pant" (it is the same style as the ascend leggings, but under a different name). They are straightforward, truly "staple" all black pieces, which Balance Athletica doesn't actually do often, so if that is your jam, go snag a couple pieces now! They also announced that they would be relaunching an updated Harmony collection, more to come on that!


Isla Bra and Rider Short in Midnight

Isla Bra - Midnight - $60 (Shop here)


Rider Short - Midnight - $48 (Shop here)

Tenacity Pant (same as Ascend Pant) - Midnight - $80 (Shop Here)

Love Fitness Apparel - Fierce + Sweet Collection

Launch Date: September 20th

Time of Drop: 11 AM HST

Love Fitness Apparel is a Hawaiian brand, most famous for their pineapple print leggings and shorts! They've generally been growing consistently over the last couple of years and have some really adorable pieces overall. They are doing a new launch, featuring some gorgeous new pieces, including a new color of their pineapple print! They've also hopped on the biker shorts trend (maybe a taddd late in the season, but I guess its always warm in Hawaii!)



Biker Pocket Shorts in Midnight Navy and Honey (PC: @lovefitnessapparel)

Biker Pocket Shorts - Honey (Yellow), Midnight Navy

Pineapple Runners in Honey (PC: @lovefitnessapparel)

Pineapple Runners - Honey (yellow) *These have been updated to be true to size! Previously they ran a bit on the smaller side

Essential Leggings - Midnight Navy


Front and Back of the Sweet and Cozy Ribbed Sports bra - Navy and Honey (PC: @lovefitnessapparel)

Sweet & Cozy Ribbed Sports Bra - Honey, Midnight Navy

Essential Sports Bra in Navy (PC: @lovefitnessapparel)

Essential Sports Bra - Midnight Navy

Balance Athletica - Harmony 2.0

Launch Date: September 28th

Time of Drop: 12 PM MT


The first Harmony launch was Summer of 2019, and I find it interesting that they are releasing such light colors so late into the season...buttt it is what it is! They already did a preview of all of their items that are releasing, which you can see on @taychay's instagram under her Harmony highlights! The release date hasn't been announced yet, so it might be in September or early October, but as always, keep your eyes peeled and keep checking back here!

Full Harmony drop, PC: @taychay


Long Breezy Tank, PC: @taychay

Long Breezy Tank - Light Blue, Glow, Yellow, Black, White

Harmony Tank in Yellow, PC: @taychay

Harmony Tank - Yellow, White, Glow (Light Orange), Black, Light Blue

Graphic Tee, PC: @taychay

Graphic Tee - White


Breeze Shorts in Glow, PC: @taychay

Breeze Shorts - *updated design, same material as men's kingdom short, in lighter colors, shorts underneath instead of thongs, are now "true to size, old mediums are now small"* - Glow, Yellow, Blue *have short liners*, Black, Navy, *have thong liners*

Seamless Linear Short - Black, Sunset Heather, Blue???, Grey??

Breeze Shorts in Sunset Haze, PC: @balanceathletica

Seamless Linear Biker Short - Navy, Black, Yellow, Sunset Heather, Light Blue, Grey

Linear Midi High Waisted Skirt in Glow + other color-ways, PC: @taychay

Linear Midi High Waisted Skirt - Light Orange, Light Blue, Yellow, Navy, Black, Grey

Linear Seamless Pant in Light Blue, PC: @taychay

Linear Seamless Pant - Navy, Black, Grey, Sunset Heather (Darker Orange), Light Blue

Linear Midi Dress in Navy, PC: @taychay

Linear Midi Dress - Navy, Light Orange, Grey, Black, Blue, Yellow


Tranquility Bra in Grey, PC: @taychay

Tranquility Bra - *Low intensity* - Grey, Light Blue, Navy

Synergy Top in Glow, PC: @taychay

Synergy Top - Glow, Navy, Yellow, Grey

Linear Race Top in White, PC: @taychay

Linear Racer Top - *Double Lined* - White, Light Yellow

Kamo Fitness - Ellyn Collection

Launch Date TBD

Kamo Fitness is one of the most affordable options launching this month! They got their claim to fame on Amazon through their leopard print leggings, which had a deep V seam, much like Balance Athletica's legging styles, but at a much more affordable price. Since coming out with their first Kamo leopard print leggings, they've expanded into solid colors, as well as shorts! No longer just an Amazon seller, they have their own website and will be launching a new collection of gorgeous Tie Dye leggings and shorts!

These leggings and shorts have had a reformulated fabric composition, which Kamo Fitness has done with pretty much every major launch, as they are eager to improve and learn, and will have the fabric actually dyed, rather than a tie-dye pattern printed on! The launch date hasn't been released yet, but several influencers, such as Kathryn Mueller will be receiving items to review, so keep an eye out for those! Without any further ado, lets jump into what will be available!


New Kamo Fitness Leggings - PC: @Kathryn Mueller

From what I can tell, these Ellyn leggings have the same types of seams as all previous camo leggings, a long gusset crotch (not as long as lululemon though), and a V seam on both the front and back + front seam

Ellyn Leggings - Black/White Tie Dye, Blue/White Tie Dye, Purple/White Tie Dye, Green, Purple

New Kamo Fitness Ellyn Shorts - PC: @Kathryn Mueller

The Ellyn shorts will have a 6" inseam, and as far as I know, come in the tie dye colors only, however, this may change! Depending on the fabric composition, these could be a good dupe for the 6" lululemon align shorts!

Ellyn Shorts - Black/White Tie Dye, Blue/White Tie Dye, Purple/White Tie Dye


Launch Date TBD


@kathrynm_fit - KATHRYN

@alenefit - ALENE

@hannahgarske - HANNAH

@shannon.henry - SHANNON

@aubrieb - AUBRIE

@michobabyy - MICHOBABYY



Legacy Shorts - Bossy Print

*Not sure what these shorts are called yet


As always, I hope that this list will come in handy as you consider shopping the upcoming activewear launches in September! I'm constantly on the lookout for new and noteworthy brands, so please do keep me updated on any brands you want to keep updated on!

Happy Hunting, Happy Shopping and Happy Saving!

Caly Out!

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