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Weekly Finds: Ryderwear AliExpress Dupes

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

June 12th - June 18th Update

For this week, I've focused on dupes for a brand called Ryderwear. Ryderwear is an Australian brand, but ships world-wide and has gained a beloved following for their versatile styles and their general affordability due to their sales. However, when an item isn't on sale, it is sure to set you back quite a few dollars, as their items at full price typically range around $60-$30.

While not all of their items have dupes on AliExpress, there is still a fair number of Ryderwear dupes out their for the leggings, bras, and shorts, and I've compiled a list of the ones I could find below! As always, I'm sure other sellers than the ones I've provided are out there, but for those who don't want to navigate the very complicated world of AliExpress, I hope that this makes it easy for you to find the dupes for those leggings you've wanted from Ryderwear! Both the original items and dupes are linked below, but some items from Ryderwear have been discontinued, so they don't have links to the Ryderwear website.

The first dupes on our list seem to only be sold together as sets, and are dupes for the Ryderwear Instinct Scrunch Bum Leggings and Animal Sports Bra, in the leopard color-ways. Ryderwear has several leopard colorways for these items: Leopard Gray, Leopard Black, Leopard Teal, Leopard Rust, Leopard Purple, Pink Leopard, Tan Leopard, and Snow Leopard.

The combination of these two lovely leopard print leggings and bra would run you a hefty total of

$109.90. However, if you are craving to get your hands on these delightfully colorful leopard patterns, but not delighted at the price, AliExpress has several sellers that sell dupes for most of the Ryderwear leopard line.

CECIFU SportsWear store has both the bra and leggings set for just $17.86, in the colorways Leopard Teal and Leopard Grey.

CECIFU SportsWear Dupes ($17.86):

MissWho Outdoor Store has the bra and legging set for $17.99 in four colorways: Leopard Teal, Leopard Gray, Leopard Pink and Leopard Rust.

MissWho Outdoor Store Dupes ($17.99) -

HUGCITAR offers the bra and leggings for the lowest price of our three AliExpress sellers, at just $12.79, but has only two color options: Leopard Teal and Leopard Grey. dupes

HUGCITAR Store Dupes ($12.79) -

Like the Leopard sets , these Ryderwear Camo Seamless items can be primarily found as sets on AliExpress. They are currently on-sale from Ryderwear, with the bra available for $22.48, the leggings on sale for $29.97, and the shorts on sale for $19.98. The camo pattern comes in seven different colors from Ryderwear: Burgundy Camo, Blue Camo, Charcoal Camo, Purple Camo, Gray Camo, Dusty Pink Camo, and Sage Camo. However, the leggings do not come in Gray Camo, and the bra does not come in Blue Camo, this may be because they are out of stock due to the Camo line being on sale.

However, if you'd like even better deals, then AliExpress has a plethora of sellers for this set, where you can get both pieces for less than the price of one!

KakaBeauty Store sells both the leggings and bra for $20.25, in four different colorways: Sage Camo, Purple Camo, Blue Camo, and Dusty Pink Camo.

KakaBeauty Store Dupes ($20.25) -

NCLAGEN carries the leggings and bra for $18.61, in all seven colorways that Ryderwear sells them in, with both top and bottom, so if you are looking to complete a set in the Blue Camo or Gray Camo and are dismayed by the fact that Ryderwear doesn't have either the bra or leggings for the color, NCLAGEN has your back!

CEODOGG Outdoor Store is the only AliExpress seller on our list that sells the shorts, as well as the bras and leggings. However, the shorts can only be bought as a set with the bra, and they only come in the Dust Pink Camo, Blue Camo, and Gray Camo colorways. All the other colors are available as bras, leggings or a bra + legging set.

CEODOGG Legging + Bra Set ($24.68) -

CEODOGG Shorts + Bra Set ($22.68) -

CEODOGG Leggings ($18.68) -

3) Ryderwear Seamless Tights ($64.95) + Seamless Bra + Seamless Long Sleeve Crop ($54.95) + Seamless Shorts ($44.95) - Discontinued?

This Ryderwear Seamless Line seems to be currently discontinued, but this may be because they plan on bringing them back with a different colorway. The style seems to be generally re-released but with different colors, but I wasn't able to find all the colors they have released in because they've taken any listings for these Seamless shorts off of their website. I do know some historic colors have been: Aqua Marl, Emerald Marl, Hot Pink Marl, Cobalt Blue, Charcoal Marl, Purple Marl, Coral Marl, but there may be more. If you are craving these adorable booty shorts for your next workout, AliExpress has numerous dupes for these shorts as well, even though the originals have been discontinued.

Nepoagym sells three out of four items in this line: shorts, leggings and bra, under its Snow Seamless collection.

Nepoagym has the shorts in five different colors: Black Marl, Gray Marl, Blue Marl, Pink Marl and Purple Marl. The colors don't seem to match exactly what Ryderwear has released, but the booty contour is exactly the same. They have the bra in the same five colors, but the leggings are sold in several colors, that don't seem to match the colors of the shorts or the bra.

Nepoagym Shorts Dupes ($18.04) -

Nepoagym Legging Dupes (Gray Marl/Indigo Marl/Black Marl) ($20.16) -

Nepoagym Legging Dupes (Red/Gray/Light Blue) ($18.04) -

Nepoagym Bra Dupes ($18.04) -

The SunSHINY Sportswear Store sells the long sleeve crop top and shorts set for $19.99, in four colorways: blue, gray, black, and red. Once again, the colors of the dupes seem more muted than the original Ryderwear seamless line, but they remain faithful to the overall style, with the booty contour, as well as mesh paneling on the leggings, and the mesh strip in the back of the long sleeve crop top for breathability.

SunShiny Sportswear Crop Top + Legging Dupes ($19.99) -

Le Nakai only sells the shorts, however, their colors are the most similar to the original Ryderwear colors, and they come in 11 different colors.

Le Nakai Shorts ($9.42) -

Although both of these items are still listed on Ryderwear's website, they are currently sold-out in all sizes, which means good ol' Aliexpress will be the only place we can locate these.

NCLAGEN has the bra and shorts set for $15.38. The shorts don't have the scrunch-butt effect, however..

NCLAGEN dupe (shorts + bra) $14.54 -

The same set is available from a lesser known store, called GXQIL Store. They aren't as popular as NCLAGEN, but they have had more orders, and at least one review, unlike the listing under NCLAGEN.

GXQIL Store dupes (shorts + bra) ($15.38) -

Thats all for this week! I love your feedback so feel free to drop a message in the Contact form if you have requests for a particular dupe you'd like to find, or Subscribe to my blog to get the weekly updates sent to your inbox!

You can find a full compiled list of all the AliExpress Dupes that I've found in The AliExpress Activewear Dupe Master List and the compiled list of all Amazon Dupes in the Amazon Activewear Dupe Master List blog posts or click on the links!

Happy Hunting! Happy Saving! Happy Shopping!

Caly Out!


Note: Some links provided in this post are affiliate links and give a small commission when used to support the running of this site!

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