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Weekly Update: Echt Arise Scrunch Series Dupes

July 3rd - July 10th

Hello my lovelies!

For this week, we'll be tackling an international brand (well international for me, I'm based in the US for anyone wondering). Echt is based in Melbourne, Australia, and they frequently make new colorways of their classic lines, like the Arise Seamless line and Echt Force Scrunch line. They've make a lot of different styles and a lot of different colors, and are priced quite affordably!

Leggings range from $50 to $29 (for their sale leggings), and shorts typically run you $40 to $22, and sports bras from $36 to $22. If you are ever looking for a good deal, their outlet is frequently restocked and Echt offers numerous 15% off codes (try WELCOME15). Echt offers free worldwide shipping on orders $70 and more, as well as free returns, although you will have to pay for return shipping.

Although, they are reasonably priced, you can still find plenty of dupes for their classic lines, the Arise Scrunch Series and Echt Force Series on AliExpress for cheaper! For this week, we'll have a shorter update because of the July 4th holiday, but I still wanted to leave ya'lls with a dupe of the week!

Arise Scrunch Series

The Arise Scrunch Series consists of leggings, shorts, sports bras and a long sleeve crop top. All of these have been in production for a while by Echt, and have come in a variety of colorways that have now been discontinued. Their classic colors, navy, gray and black are always available though! The leggings and shorts are seamless and feature an under booty contour along with a booty scrunch.

The sports bra features a racerback with adjustable straps, and the long-sleeve as a scrunch in the center of the shirt. However, the center scrunch for the long-sleeve crop top and bra may not scrunch up as much as desired. Overall, I would recommend sizing up in everything from Echt, especially if you have thicker thighs, but if you have slimmer thighs, it may be fine to keep your normal size.

Links to the products are below!

From AliExpress...

Now...from AliExpress, we can get into the dupes! There are numerous dupes on AliExpress, as always, and they typically come in sets of both the bra and leggings. Different stores do have different colors and deals, so I'll go into a bit detail about the different options you have!

Arise Scrunch Set Dupes

You can get these bright-colored, summer leggings + bra sets from Shop5059036 and MissWho Outdoor Store for only $17.99 or less!

Shop5059036 Store Leggings + Bra ($17.99) -

MissWho Outdoor Store Leggings + Bra ($16.59) -

You can also get a mint green, bright yellow, and coral pink long sleeve crop top and short set from the MissWho Outdoor store for $14.99)

MissWho Outdoor Store Long Sleeve Crop Top + Shorts ($14.99) -

Arise Scrunch Leggings Dupes

You can also get more muted colors for the leggings from the MissWho Outdoor Store for $10.99, but they also sell the more colorful leggings (yellow, green, orange, etc) like the ones shown above for $12.99.

MissWho Outdoor Store Leggings ($10.99) -

MissWho Outdoor Store Leggings Summer Colors ($12.99) -

Imlario Leggings Summer Colors ($17.11) -

This gorgeous spread of jewel-toned leggings are available from HearuiSport Store for $13.83.

HearuiSport Store Jewel-Toned Leggings ($13.83) -

These Arise Scrunch shorts are available from the HearuiSport Store for $13.96.

HearuiSport Store Shorts ($13.96) -

You can get the bra alone from the Imlario Store, although they may not match exactly with the colors offered by other brands. If you are looking to get a matching set, I would recommend buying all the items from the same store, or buying an explicit set, although the combination may be hard to find if you are looking for a particular color. I haven't found this exact spread of more muted colors from too many stores, but it looks like the Imlario bras will match nicely with some of the leggings from HearuiSport.

Imlario Sports Bra ($18.28) -

The long-sleeve crop top is one of the hardest items (maybe because it is summer) right now to track down individually. So far I've only been able to find it as part of the set, but I'll update this post as I continue hunting!

I'm sorry for the brief post, the holidays, even in quarantine, are a bit chaotic, but I hope that everyone has a great Fourth of July weekend!

If you are interested in the full master list of all the dupes I’ve found for different brands (Lululemon, Gymshark, Balance Athletica, and so much more!) Make sure to check out these posts:

If you want to stay updated with all the latest dupes, make sure to subscribe to this blog by registering your email or shooting me a form in the contact area! I'm always eager to find dupes + discover new brands, so don't ever hesitate to suggest a brand that you want me to find dupes for!

Happy Hunting! Happy Shopping! Happy Saving!

Caly Out!


Note: This post may contain affiliate links and give a small commission at no additional cost to you, used to support the running of this site!

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