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Whitney Simmons x Gymshark Launch Guide!

Hello my lovelies!

So, Whitney Simmons has been teasing a new collaboration with Gymshark for a while...and it is finally here! The launch info is:

Launch Date: October 29th, 2020

Launch Time:

3:00 PM EST

2:00 PM CT

1:00 PM MT

12:00 PM PST

Whitney has done a fantastic job reviewing and showing all her pieces in this video, but if you just want to see everything side-by-side, this post is the TLDR for you!


Chocolate, Amazon, Cyber Red, Pink Haze, Unbleached (off white), Intense Beautiful Blue, Moss Green, Black

Whitney Legging - black, moss green, intense beautiful blue, amazon, pink haze, chocolate

Example of the booty scrunch on the body, flatlocked seams

Comparison of the old seams to the new seams *old on the left

* Similar fabric as the original V1's from Whitney's original collection, but slightly more compression

* still a low/medium compression legging

* no more gold bar, a golden embossing instead

* seams are flatlocked to be less bulky/raised

* internal butt scrunch - will not show when wearing

Rib Waist Legging - Black, Cyber Red, Intense Beautiful Blue, Moss Green, Chocolate

New Rib Waist Leggings in Moss Green, the scrunch detailing on the legs

Close up of the different waistbands

* Ribbed waistband, more compression than the Whitney Legging, elastic internal scrunch, medium/high compression

Sports Bra - Black, Unbleached, Moss Green, Intense Beautiful Blue, Pink Haze, Amazon, Chocolate, Cyber Red

* Double layered sports bra, removed the keyhole, medium support

Whitney Shorts - Black, Moss Green, Intense Beautiful Blue, Amazon, Cyber Red

* same as the leggings - updated with new locked seams + internal elastic booty scrunch

Swing Tank - Black, Intense Beautiful Blue, Cyber Red, Moss Green, Chocolate

* Lowered neck

* full length tank top

* Opened out the back

LongLine Tee - Black, Intense Beautiful Blue, Pink Haze, UnBleached, Amazon

* Oversized Tshirt

* Open scoop neck

* two fabrics, a more sheer fabric as well as a more solid fabric

Long Sleeve Crop Top - Black, Intense Beautiful Blue, Cyber Red, Pink Haze, Amazon, Unbleached

* Lowered neck line, elongated sleeve

* ruched detail on the side of the crop top to cinch

* Updated back to be open and match the openings of the sports bra

Recovery Hoodie - Black, Chocolate, Moss Green, Unbleached

* Thinner, stretchy fabric, lightweight hoodie

* Elongated sleeves

* Drop shoulder

Fitted Jogger - Black, Chocolate, Moss Green, Unbleached

* Thick fabric, completely different from the previous joggers

* ruched detailing at the bottom of the joggers

Reversible Oversized Jacket - Black, Unbleached

*Fuzzy fleece like material on one side

* more windbreaker/bomber jacket material on the other

Gym Bag - Black, Unbleached

And...thats the launch! Hopefully for those of us not always patient enough to watch an entire video, this comes handy!

If you want to stay updated with all the latest dupes, releases and...general tea, make sure to subscribe to this blog by registering your email or shooting me a form in the contact area and follow my facebook page! I'm always eager to find dupes + discover new brands, so don't ever hesitate to suggest a brand that you want me to find dupes for!

Happy Hunting! Happy Shopping! Happy Saving!

Caly Out!

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