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Activewear Sales: Labor Day Weekend!

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Hi my lovelies!

It is labor day weekend, and I am definitely late in getting this post out there, but I wanted to share a couple activewear companies that are offering discounted prices this weekend! Some of them are doing dedicated Labor day sales, whereas others are just companies that have discounted items that some of you may not have been aware of previously!

Without any further ado, lets jump into the first of the Labor Day sales!

Gymshark - Starts September 7th, 10 AM EST

Gymshark will have a 48 Hour Sale on selected items, with up to 30% off, starting September 7th, 10 AM EST. You will be able to use Klarna as a way to pay in installments if you wish! A note for US buyers, Gymshark has begun charging sales tax, which differs depending on where in the US you live, but offers free shipping on orders about $75 and free express delivery on purchases over $150.

A selection of the items that will be on sale are the:

Adapt Marl Seamless

Flex Long Sleeve Crop Top

Origin Seamless

Adapt Ombre Seamless

Camo Seamless - Light Green

Illumination Seamless

Ultra Seamless

...and More!

The exact amount that the items will be discounted will only be revealed when the sale begins.

There is also a generic 10% off if you are student - which you can get by signing up for StudentBeans. However, for anyone not in school, there are some generic use coupons that pop up once in a while that can be used to offset the cost of taxes! The only one I’ve found to work for me to date is the one below, but you can always check sites like to see if any of the codes they listed work for you!

$10 off on Purchases $120 and more - AFRMNUS120A-8aqu37

An alternative is to ask a friend who is a student or in a gymshark facebook group for a studentbeans code. Most people are generally super helpful and offer up codes!


Definitely a smaller brand, TLF is currently having a sale, with up to 40% off on select items. They have fairly affordable prices to begin with, with most of the sale items coming at around $25 USD. They also offer free shipping on orders over $50 within the US.

They have a selection of shorts and tops for sale, as well as a selection of jackets, both cropped and not, which may suit the changing weather.

They also have a line similar to the Takara shine leggings sold by Carbon38, for a much more affordable price:

Echt Apparel

Echt doesn’t have an explicit Labor Day sale, but they keep their Outlet section well stocked at all times. They’ve recently added the Echt Comfort Joggers to the Outlet for only $27, which can serve as a replacement or dupe for the Gymshark Slounge leggings that Gymshark has discontinued.

From Left to Right: Comfort Hoodie, Comfort Joggers

Echt offers free shipping on orders of $70 more, regardless of location, so if you are looking to try on a new lounge set to get cosy for winter, I’d recommend checking these out!

Other than the Comfort line, there is a selection of tapered joggers, as well as sports bras, one of which would likely match well with the Buffbunny Bossy Print that was most recently released:

As well as a selection of Echt’s classic scrunch leggings in a variety of colors, like eggplant purple, everglade green, dusty pink.

Also, to sweeten the deal a bit, you can also use the coupon code: THANKYOU15 for 15% off your purchase, regardless of whether the items are on sale or not!

Adidas - Sitewide 25% using Code Sale25

There isn’t much else to say on this sale, Adidas generally does have pretty good sales year round, regardless of Labor Day or not. The downside to having the sale be set-up based on a discount code is that you won’t be able to layer any other discounts on top of the sale (which is likely intentional). Some items that I might be picking up though are these camo style NMD’s (I’m still not over the camo trend apparently…)

Or this cute lil cropped hoodie:

I will say that Adidas has pulled a classic move and removed quite a lot of items from their Sale section, basically reducing the number of items you can get already discounted with the 25% on top, which kind of sucks.


Buffbunny isn’t doing a labor day sale, buttt in case anyone didn’t notice when their last drop came, they discounted a bunch of their older items!

The Stripe joggers are on sale for $38 in all colors, as well as the dresses that Buffbunny released a while back, which I have personally been dying to try, but couldn’t justify the price.

They’ve also discounted their classic Jasmine Joggers in the Raspberry, Soft Berry and Mauve Camo, which are now $32 instead of $54.

Thats all the sale news I have for now, but I'll keep trawling the web for any new deals that may come popping my way! I'm still a newbie to certain brands, so I might not be catching some of their sales, so please don't hesitate to drop a comment to let me know of any other sales going on this weekend!

As always, I hope this post was helpful and if you'd like to continue to get updates, subscribe to my blog or like/follow my facebook page!

Happy Shopping, Happy Hunting and Happy Saving!

Caly Out!

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