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Tier Activewear Love Spell Launch!

Hello my lovelies!

While it looks like the world of activewear has calmed down after the giant Buffbunny Rebel Collection launch and Alphalete Surface Power launch, Whitney Simmons dropped a bombshell about her collaboration with Gymshark coming on October 29th (get all the details here!). However, there are still plenty of other companies that are gearing up for launches in the later half of October!

Tier Activewear, which has gotten great reviews from Youtuber/Influencers like Kathryn Mueller and HopeScope, is launching a new line: Love Spell.

Launch Date: October 24th, 2020

Launch Time: 12 PM EST

They are launching two staple pieces, the Contour Jelly Leggings and Lush Bra in three colors: Love Spell (pink), Blue Crush (light blue), and a baby purple.

Contour Jelly Leggings

Contour Jelly Leggings in Blue Crush (left) and Love Spell (right)

Contour Jelly Leggings in Light Purple (highlights the booty contour in the left)

The Contour Jelly leggings feature a high waisted fit, with quad and glute shading and no front seam.

Lush Bra

Lush Bra in Purple (left) and Love Spell (right)

The Lush bra has an open back, as well a subtle etched pattern that accentuates the bust.

While this collection is small, their quality has been highly praised, and these bra's look absolutely gorgeous! Drop any reviews, comments, opinions below!

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Happy Hunting! Happy Shopping! Happy Saving!

Caly Out!

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