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Weekly Update: NVTGN Dupes + Drop shipping from AliExpress?!

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

June 26th - July 3rd

If you are viewing from mobile, make sure to scroll through the pro/con tables fully, they don't show the full table automatically mobile for some reason...and force you to scroll to see the full length of the table. I'm working on figuring out how to make this blog more mobile friendly though!


Hello my lovelies!

As many of you may know, NVGTN (Navi/Navigation) will be launching their new collection on July 27th! NVGTN has become beloved for their extremely booty flattering seamless leggings, which they have expanded to different contouring, shortening them to shorts, and a wide array of colors. Unlike many other activewear brands, they also make their pieces fairly affordable, with their leggings coming in at around $48 and their bras/tops at around $25.

However, the downside with their affordability and status as an instagram brand is that they constantly sell out on release day! It is so frustrating when all you want is that new pair of gorgeous hot pink leggings and you can't snag a pair, although, this seems to be the latest in instagram activewear companies (e.g. Balance Athletica's Oasis Launch, Gymshark's Legacy Shorts - check out my post on balance athletica dupes if you did miss out on the Oasis launch though!)

So, whats a girl to do when you can't snag a pair of the authentic leggings from the original seller? Well, thankfully, AliExpress and Amazon have your back! Additionally, I'll be throwing a new platform into the mix this time, SHEIN!

1) NVGTN Essence Bra (Originally $25)

The NVGTN essence bra has an extremely flattering low-cut V back, which allows you to show off all those gains you've been making with your traps and lats. However, once again, the constant problem of being sold-out plagues NVGTN, so if you want to try your hand a similar style, let us begin with the dupes, without any further fanfare.

From AliExpress: Deep V Bra ($16.90)

This is basically a dead ringer for the NVGTN bra in so many ways, however, I will say that the top seems to overall be a bit more cropped, due to the bottom elastic band not being as long, and the front of the bra is more of a V, whereas the NVGTN has more of a U-neck line. Additionally, the colors are overall more muted, than NVGTN's, which recently came out with a hot pink color, but they have a pretty good spread! They are also available from AliExpress from multiple sellers, so you can take your pick of whatever store is having the best deal right now!

VigoBreviya Store ($16.98) -

2) NVGTN Allure Bra ($24)

There are several dupes for the NVGTN Allure Bra, which is quite similar to the Alphalete Alphalux Elite Bra, with its cross back pattern. Most of them are Aliexpress, with different differences, so its time to jump into them!

These Le Nakai Dupes feature the same cross back structure, as well as the clasp in the back. However, the bra band is made of a mesh material and it lacks the additional seams contouring the ladies in the front of the bra.

The NCLAGEN dupes do not have the back clasp that the NVGTN dupes have, but do come in a much broader color range than that of Le Nakai. Like the Le Nakai dupes, they do not have the front contouring seams that the original NVGTN allure bra has.

3) NVGTN Contour Seamless Leggings ($48)

Onto the leggings that made NVGTN what they are today, the contour seamless leggings. They feature a front quad contour, as well as an under booty contour, and are super stretchy! They've come in a variety of colors, and are consistently sold out at every launch. However, there are plenty of dupes for these leggings on Aliexpress and Amazon, many of which I'm told are the same quality as the originals.

These dupes come in pretty much every color of the rainbow, and mirror the original NVGTN style extremely closely. The advice that I've heard when it comes to these dupes is to size up. Additionally, sizing up helps if you want to avoid the leggings becoming sheer when you squat. The lighter colors, as with most seamless leggings, are more prone to being sheer when at full stretch. There are a ton of reviews on AliExpress, so I highly recommended reading through them if you have any concerns!!

These same exact leggings are also sold by other AliExpress brand NCLAGEN and. Geckette, which I will link below! Depending on where you order from, they sometimes has free shipping so take shipping into account when choosing which AliExpress vendor to buy from!

Aoxjox went down for a brief period of time this week, likely to revamp their Amazon site and to take stock...and then they came back with a much wider array of the NVGTN dupes! The colors they have aren't exactly the same as the NVGTN dupes from Amazon, for example, they feature a much brighter shade of mint green, as well as a deeper red that you can't find from AliExpress.

Overall, darker colors will be less soft and stretchy, as a side-effect of the dyeing darker colors, whereas the lighter colors will be more stretchy, but less squatproof. Aoxjox does a great job making it clear to you what colors are and are not squatproof, so you can take that into account! They run true to size for most individuals, sizing up, while it may help with squatproofness, will likely lead to extra fabric in other areas that may not be as flattering.

4) NVGTN Biker Seamless Shorts ($38)

The NVGTN Biker Seamless shorts are essentially a biker short version of the NVGTN Countour Seamless Leggings. The biker shorts were the first set of shorts made by NVGTN in June 2019, in three different colors: a forest green, speckled black, and grey. They have roughly an 8 inch inseam and the classic smile booty contouring.

From AliExpress: NCLAGEN Shorts ($12.45)

A variety of AliExpress sellers sell dupes for the NVGTN Seamless shorts, but there is an order to which sellers are better! Nclagen and Black Arachnia have the widest variety of colors, even some colors that NVGTN doesn't make the shorts in. Le Nakai doesn't have as many colors, but are a smidge cheaper. If you love the contouring of NVGTN, but are disappointed by the color options they have in their shorts, AliExpress has got you!

Le Nakai Dupes ($10.50 - 11.90) -

From Amazon: Aoxjox Smile Contour Shorts ($23.99)

Along with the new colors of the NVGTN legging dupes, Aoxjox has also revamped their colors for their NVGTN short dupes. They come in 8 colors, but they are very clear that most colors are not squatproof. Aoxjox claims that black speckled and royale blue are the two colors that are the most squatproof, and it is fairly obvious that they aren't 100% squatproof, since you can see the pink underwear through several of their pictures, even as the models are standing.

They are true to size, but sizing up is recommended in order to make them more squatproof! And like the leggings, they do have polyester, so they won't be as soft as the NVGTN shorts.

5) NVGTN Cross Body Tee - Short/Long Sleeve ($27)

While NVGTN has only recently started dropshipping some of their products from AliExpress, I have my suspicions about this tee, since there are so many tee's on AliExpress that look identical to the cross body tee, although I have heard that they do have these in different colors that aren't available on AliExpress, so the verdict on who duped who is out on these!

This tank looks exactly the same, everything from the front cross, to the fact that there is also another cross in the back. The only thing that may be different is the fabric, as I don't have the original to compare to, but this is basically a dead-ringer for the tee. This seller has both the long sleeve and short sleeve versions under the same listing, but they only have it black, white and gray. However, given that I only believe NVGTN has black and white, you actually get a third color from this listing!

6) NVGTN Poise Bra Top ($23)

The poise top is one of the new pieces that are releasing this weekend, and feature a double strap. So far, NVGTN has only announced that this top will be coming out in white, and it features a built-in bra.

I can't be 100% sure that the NVGTN Poise Bra top is dropshipped, but these are pretty tang close. The only difference that I can see is that the double straps from Ayopanda are sewn slightly further apart than the straps from NVGTN. Of course, it could just be my eyesight or a one-off difference, but these are pretty close dupes and in a wider variety of colors like yellow, black and gray! Like the NVGTN Poise bra, they come with built-in padding to keep your girls in place!

7) NVGTN Matrix Bra ($23)

Now. This is where I start being a bit salty. This is the new matrix bra top that NVGTN announced last week, and AS SOON as I saw this top, I knew that they were drop shipping. Why? Because I have literally found this exact same top from SO many sellers on AliExpress, and even Amazon. If they were going to be drop-shipping, at least they could have drop-shipped the other colors to give a wider variety than just black... My disappointment aside, there are SO many dupes for this top (see my post on Aliexpress on Amazon listings - it's the Breathe Cross Back Bra) That I'm only going to post the links below. I promise you, it is the EXACT. SAME. THING!!


I'm sure there are more sellers on Amazon that I just haven't listed...

From Aliexpress: still..SO MANY SELLERS

Seriously, if you like this top, you can take your pick of whatever seller happens to be having a sale, free shipping, Amazon and AliExpress have got you.

8) NVGTN Oversized Cropped Pullover ($38)

The last item on this last, to be honest, I really didn't ever expect to find a dupe for. It's a cropped pullover, with a cinched waistband that NVGTN released initially in Grey, white and black, but has since come out with several colorways, like a light pink and this new deeper, fuschia/purply color. But, I was browsing around on AliExpress (like any good blogger whose blog is literally dedicated to finding dupes for hard to find items...), and lo and behold..I found:

I'd say that these are pretty similar dupes, right? They even use the NVGTN photos as some of their first photos on the listing, so I think it is fair to say that they are trying to make a copy of NVGTN. As to how successful they've been, unfortunately they don't have any reviews yet, but if you want to be brave and try out these dupes, I have a feeling that they won't disappoint. The later photos in their listing are definitely taken of their actual item, as far as I can tell, since NVGTN never posted any photos of the pullover in these particular outfits, but you never do quite know...

I hope this list has been helpful for your dupe hunting!

If you are interested in the full master list of all the dupes I’ve found for different brands (Lululemon, Gymshark, Balance Athletica, and so much more!) Make sure to check out these posts:

If you want to stay updated with all the latest dupes, make sure to subscribe (you can click the link on the header!) to this blog by registering your email or shooting me a form in the contact area! I'm always eager to find dupes + discover new brands, so don't ever hesitate to suggest a brand that you want me to find dupes for!

Happy Hunting! Happy Shopping! Happy Saving!

Caly Out!


Note: This post may contain affiliate links and give a small commission at no additional cost to you, used to support the running of this site!

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